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NSYJOo is on a mission to expose to the Africans different information on which they have been denied access to for a while now

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27 Best Ways On How To Live On Less

It is very important to learn on how to Live on Less. Many benefits results. Living on requires less requires careful planning. 27 Best Ways On How To Live On Less 1. Create a budget. It is important to  “calculate the expense” of living within your means if you create a budget. How does it […]

How Can I Do Better In School To Improve My Grades?

“Grades are everything to my parents. ‘What mark did you get on your English paper? What mark did you get on your math test?’ I hate that!”-13 year old David.   David is not alone in this situation. Many youths, like David, feel that their parents are exerting too much pressure on them to do […]

8 Best Tips To Know If This Person Is Right For Me? (Marriage)

What qualities would you currently view as essential in a potential marriage mate? Is it to be: Good – Looking Friendly Popular Funny Spiritually-minded Trustworthy Morally upright Goal-oriented The truth is, there is nothing WRONG with any of the above traits. Each of them has its own appeal. Wouldn’t you agree, though, that when you’re in the […]

12 Proven Health Benefits of Laughter

Do you find that the daily pressures of life cause you to become tense and make it difficult for you to relax? Does that at times contribute to a feeling of tiredness and depression? If so, laughter may be an excellent medicine for you. 12 Proven Health Benefits of Laughter 1. Laughter relaxes a person […]

Why Don’t Girls Like me?

You are old enough to date. You would like to find someone who is attractive and who shares your religious beliefs. In the past, though, each time you tried to start a relationship, you felt as though you crashed and burned. If you would like to get to know a girl better, what factors do […]

19 Best Tips To Protect Your Health

A wise person sees calamity and proceeds to conceal himself. It’s important to take simple protective steps that can help you avoid much sickness and misery, as well as loss of time and energy. 19 Best Tips To Protect Your Health 1. Hand Washing: Hand washing is the single most important thing that you can […]

11 Top Potential Signs Of Kidney Failure

The kidneys are bean-shaped two bodies, each about the size of a palm. They are just below your rib cage, on one either side of your back. Healthy kidneys consume about half a cup of blood each minute, removing waste, and generating excess water for urine. Moreover, the urine is transferred from the kidneys to […]

14 Top Ways To Improve Your Memory!

Memory enlarges our world. Without it, we would lack a sense of continuity. Why is it that some birds can remember months later the places where they store seeds for the winter and squirrels can remember the locations where they buried nuts, but we may forget where we left our keys an hour ago? Yes […]

5 Reasons Why So Many Go Hungry

“Every day nearly 2 billion people wake up to face a world in which their lives will be dominated by a single desire…for food.” Millions of people need more or better food. 821 million people continue to struggle with hunger every day. Is the earth to blame for man’s lack in this respect? No; the […]

The Avocado-Truly a Versatile Fruit

  It was about the size and shape of a big pear, but it remained green even when ripe. It’s flesh was soft and buttery in texture, with a somewhat nutty flavor. Eventually, it became known as the avocado, from the Aztec word ahuacatl. The avocado was first introduced to the European public in 1519, […]

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