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9 Best Reasons To Avoid Eating Too Much Of Salt

SALT is special substance. Do you know that sodium (an unusual metallic element) and chlorine (poisonous gas) are combined to form a useful compound?

It is called SALT. Isn’t that amazing? What a fine provision from our creator!

Uses of Salt.

Salt can be used to preserve things. It can also prevent decay. Proper amount of salt in a meal, makes the food delicious.
Studies revealed that proper use of saline solutions and water can serve as a plasma volume expanders to compensate for the loss of blood.

If you have severe burns, drink a solution of one-half teaspoon of a sweet drink consisting of soda water (1/4) and one teaspoon of salt. No risks associated with it.

Do you also know that some first-aid manuals suggest that someone who took poison by accident can take table salt? It will make him to vomit the poison.

However, there are consequences of taking too much salt. Let’s discuss some of them as seen below.

Reasons to avoid too much of salt intake.

1. Much intake of salt can cause high blood pressure. It has been observed that people with high blood pressure take a lot of salt.

2. One teaspoon of salt can cause bring about salt poisoning in a child. But, three teaspoons can kill an adult.

3. Hypertension. (Studies) has shown that young people between the age of 1 and 18 suffer from hypertension.

The major problem is much intake of salt. Many of these young ones prefer eating pizza, canned soups.

4. You will lose more water in the body. If you take too much salt, you will become dehydrated. You will likely be thirsty.

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Your body will need more water to cleanse the system for proper function of the muscles and organs.

5. Bone disease. Since you drink a lot of water to balance the excess amount of sodium in your body, what will be the result?

You will urinate more often. Additional loss of calcium occurs as a result of frequent urination. Your bone needs calcium to be strong, including your teeth.

What happens to the body when it lacks sufficient amount of calcium? It results in Osteoporosis. It is a condition in which the bones become weak and break easily.

6. You will not concentrate. High intake of salt can adversely affect the arteries that leads to the brain.

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An artery is a tube that carries blood from the heart to the parts of the body. High sodium diet can affect your concentration. You won’t be able to focus.

7. Kidney Diseases. The work of the kidney is to remove unwanted fluid inside the body. This fluid is then sucked out and pass through the bladder, to be removed as urine.

Eating too much salt reduce the ability of the kidneys to remove the unwanted fluid. You might have more calcium in your urine if you take too much of salt.

According to WebMD, “the combination of too much salt and calcium that works through your kidney can cause kidney stones”. This is very painful.

8. Frequent Headaches. Many researchers are not really convinced why much intake of salt can cause headache.

However, a study revealed that people who took 1,500 mg of sodium experienced 25% less headaches than people who are ate 2,500 mg.

9. Swelling. Many scientists have proved that excess intake of salt can make some parts of the body swollen.

For example, if you woke up in the morning and find out your eyes or feet is swollen, it is a sign you have been eating a lot of salt.

Salt helps your body retain water. Excessive water retention can cause swelling of the legs, hands, and ankles.

10. Heart Attack. Eating too much salt can affect the cells in the heart. They won’t function well as they should. They don’t receive many nutrients and oxygen.

What will be the result over time? Heart attack!

11. It can cause stroke. Eating too much salt can reduce the amount of brain reaching the blood.

If the part of the brain that is receiving the blood lacks nutrients and oxygen, it will result in stroke.


Please, if you take too much of salt, now is time to reduce it!

As we mentioned above, high intake of salt causes strain on the brain, kidneys, heart, arteries and causes high blood pressure.

Note: Don’t eat more than 6g of salt per day. Taste your food before adding salt!

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