9 Best Reasons To Avoid Eating Too Much Of Salt

SALT is special substance. Do you know that sodium (an unusual metallic element) and chlorine (poisonous gas) are combined to form a useful compound? It is called SALT. Isn’t that amazing? What a fine provision from our creator! Uses of Salt. Salt can be used to preserve things. It can also prevent decay. Proper amount […]

15 Reasons Why You Should Eat Carrots

Many persons underrate the importance of carrot. It is a gift from God. Do you know that carrots rank ninth among twenty-eight vegetables of commercial importance? The Carrot is said to be one of the most planted and cultivated fruit in the world: United States, Asia, Europe, South Africa. The truth is, it is grown […]

Mango-the tender and sweet fruit

Have you ever thought about the soft, tender and sweet fruit? This fruit has been described as a combination of strawberry, pineapple and peach. That fruit is, the mango. Since the mango is soft, tender and sweet, many people have said better things about the fruit. For example, “What a mango!” means “What a beauty!” […]

The Enteric Nervous System-your Body’s Second Brain

You might wonder, how many brains do we have? If your reply is “one”, you are right. However, we have other nervous systems in our body. Extensive research was carried out by scientist. They called it a “second brain”. It is the enteric nervous system (ENS) and is located mostly in our belly, not in […]

Why Be Anxious?

Why be anxious?THE TRUTH. Anxiety can be define as feelings of fear, or nervousness about what might happen or being overly worried. The world we live in is critical. Our desires cannot be met. Oftentimes, what we want or need is not forth coming. We yearn for a good job, for a good family, for […]

The Alcoholic

  An alcoholic is someone whose drinking causes a constant, and a larger problem in any department of his life.” The word of emphasis is, “constant.” For instance: If drinking was becoming a problem in the social life, home life, business or professional life of a normal drinker, he could drink less, even if, this […]


  Mr John in his 50’s said: “I started urinating frequently when I was 54 years old. It was every 30 minutes. Immediately, I noticed the symptom, I consulted my doctor, without delay. My doctor said I would have my prostate removed.” Around the world, we hear similar stories, very common in prostrate clinics. The […]

Safeguard Yourself From Disease

    A lot of aged cities were safeguarded by hefty walls. If an enemy break just a small section of a wall, the safety of the entire city would be in danger. And the result will be disastrous. Our body is like a city with barricade or fence all around. Being healthy is contingent […]

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