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NSYJOo is on a mission to expose to the Africans different information on which they have been denied access to for a while now

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Why Should I Be Punctual?

Who of us likes to be kept waiting?  Many who appreciate the value of punctuality struggle with lateness themselves. More insight will be shed on this topic. Why is punctuality Important? Some have found that arriving at appointments a bit ahead of time actually reduces stress. Failure to be on time can cause difficulties for […]

How to make real friends

Everyone needs a friend. Someone you can talk to, someone you can confide in or run to when there is a problem. Many friendships can leads to a date, even marriages! But, why is it a challenge nowadays to enjoy meaningful and enduring friendships? THE CHALLENGETechnology: Decades ago, forming friendships with those afar from you is […]

Why Be Anxious?

Why be anxious?THE TRUTH. Anxiety can be define as feelings of fear, or nervousness about what might happen or being overly worried. The world we live in is critical. Our desires cannot be met. Oftentimes, what we want or need is not forth coming. We yearn for a good job, for a good family, for […]

How To Be A Good Listener

THE CHALLENGE “You are not listening to me!” Your spouse says. ‘But I was, ‘you tell yourself. Evidently, though, what you heard is different from what your spouse said. As a result, another argument comes up. The truth is such conflicts can be avoided. First, though you need to understand why you might miss important details in […]

The Alcoholic

  An alcoholic is someone whose drinking causes a constant, and a larger problem in any department of his life.” The word of emphasis is, “constant.” For instance: If drinking was becoming a problem in the social life, home life, business or professional life of a normal drinker, he could drink less, even if, this […]

Youths – How Can I Beat Loneliness?

Sharon, a high school student, relates: ‘I’ve been going to school in this district for eight years, but in all that time I’ve never managed to make one single friend!…. Nobody knows what I feel and nobody cares. Sometimes I think I just can’t stand it anymore!” Like Sharon, many teenagers experience what is often […]


  Mr John in his 50’s said: “I started urinating frequently when I was 54 years old. It was every 30 minutes. Immediately, I noticed the symptom, I consulted my doctor, without delay. My doctor said I would have my prostate removed.” Around the world, we hear similar stories, very common in prostrate clinics. The […]


  If you really need something that costs more than what your parents can afford, you may be able to get a job to earn enough money to buy it yourself. Talk to your parents about the idea. They may be impressed by your initiative. Assuming that they agree and that it’s legal to work, […]

Fashion and it’s Changes

  The TRUTH is our decisions as to what we will wear are no doubt shaped to a larger degree by fashion. Men’s fashion, once governed by strict codes, has gotten increasingly unruly….. Everything should look as if thrown on with a pitchforks. Such trend, however, shows a lackadaisical attitude. Clothing that we now take […]


World’s Longest Suspension Bridge The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, connecting Awaji Island with the city of Kobe,  immediately entered the record books as the world’s longest suspension bridge, after its construction. “In the works for a decade, the $7.7 billion project boast a 6,532-ft. ( 1.2 mile ) [1,991 m] centre spam -measured as the distance […]

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