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NSYJOo is on a mission to expose to the Africans different information on which they have been denied access to for a while now

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World’s Longest Suspension Bridge The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, connecting Awaji Island with the city of Kobe,  immediately entered the record books as the world’s longest suspension bridge, after its construction. “In the works for a decade, the $7.7 billion project boast a 6,532-ft. ( 1.2 mile ) [1,991 m] centre spam -measured as the distance […]

The Importance of a Formal Agreement in Business

To help prevent misunderstandings on business dealings, consider the way Abraham bought a piece of land. He “weighed out to Ephron the amount of silver that he had spoken in the hearing of the sons of Heth, four hundred silver shekels current with the merchants. Thus the field of Ephron that was in Machpelah …..became […]

Use Your Imagination Discreetly

  The human brain which weighs about just three pounds (1.4 kg) is the most complex thing we have yet to discover in our universe. Precisely, the most sophisticated computers that we can envision are basic and simple compared to the almost infinite intricacy, elaborateness and complicacy of the human brain. Supposedly, imagine, just one […]

Safeguard Yourself From Disease

    A lot of aged cities were safeguarded by hefty walls. If an enemy break just a small section of a wall, the safety of the entire city would be in danger. And the result will be disastrous. Our body is like a city with barricade or fence all around. Being healthy is contingent […]

Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

For most people, eating is a pleasant experience. There are some, however, who are compelled to treat certain foods as ” enemies.” In recent years, there has been a rise in reported in reported food allergies and intolerances. Some studies suggest that only a small portion of those who think they have a food Allergy […]

How to Settle Disputes

  THE CHALLENGE When and your spouse discuss a problem, do you seem to end up further apart than when you started? If so, you can improve the situation. First, though there are a few things you should know about the different communication styles of men and women. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Women usually prefer […]

Watching the world

Chemicals in Toys A group of chemicals used to soften children’s toys are almost 20 times more dangerous than previously thought,” reports The Independent, a London newspaper. Research in the Netherlands shows that pthalates- softeners of hard plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride-are found in teething rings and other toys that young children chew on and […]

Our Planet Earth

OUR Planet Earth is truly a wonder- a rare, beautiful jewel in space. Astronauts have reported that, viewed from space,the earth’s blue skies and white clouds “made it by far the most inviting object they could see”. However, it is much more than just beautiful. The greatest of all cosmological scientific puzzles,  confounding all our […]

Why Do We Buy?

AS CONSUMERS, we are subjected to a relentless barrage of marketing. What is the goal of marketers? To  turn wants into needs. Marketers know that consumer behavior is largely driven by emotion. So advertisements and the shopping experience itself are designed for maximum emotional appeal. The book Why People Buy Things They Don’t Need says: […]

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