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Today, many things are happening around the world. Let’s consider a few.

Soap Saves lives.

Many countries are encouraging its citizens the importance of washing hands with soap. Simply washing hands with soap could save a million lives a year.

Sadly, In some communities, it is now a norm or common for women to wash infants after they have been to the toilet and then prepare food without washing their own hands.

Washing your hand with soap and can prevent the spread of deadly virus and bacteria such as corona virus.

In developing countries, hand washing with soap would be three times more cost-efficient for lowering the risk of diarrheal disease than improving water.

Why global hand washing is an issue?

Failure to wash our hands has led to a lot of disease. For example, reports has shown that….

1. 525,000 children under 5 die due to DIARRHEAL DISEASES.

2. 920,136 children under 5 die due to pneumonia.

3. In West and central Africa, hand washing with soap has shown to reduce the rate of diarrheal disease by 48-59%.

4. Each day, thousands are dying from Corona virus, for lack of hand washing.

Steps to proper hand washing

Wet your hands with clean and running water.

Turn off tap and apply soap.

Rub your hands together with the soap.

Scrub for 20 minutes.

Rinse your hands under clean running water. How important it is to reduce this death by distributing soap to those in need.


3000 children on the African continent dies every day as a result of malaria.

The Problem is that drug-resistant parasites have rendered quinine treatments ineffective. Afraid of the high costs, many African countries refuse to replace quinine with newer antimalarial drugs derived from the Artemisia Anna, a Chinese plant. No wonder, malaria continues to tighten its grip on Africa.


Osaka, Moscow and Tokyo are the most expensive cities in the world. A report conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting.

Picture above showing expensive cities in Tokyo.

Expensive cities in Moscow

Expensive buildings in Osaka as seen above.

The survey, which covers 144 cities, took into account the comparative cost of more than 200 products and services, including clothing, housing, transportation, entertainment, furniture and household equipment.

Half of the 20 most expensive cities are in Asia. Geneva, London, and Zurich appear among the most expensive cities in Europe, after Moscow.

Geneva city.

New York appears as the tenth most expensive city, while no Canadian city is ranked among the first 100.

As to the cheapest cities, Asuncion in Paraguay tops the list.


The World Health Organization has concluded that exposure to diesel engine is linked with an increased risk for lung cancer and possibly also for bladder waste.


A study of the world religions revealed that people who profess no religious affiliations, although not necessarily atheists, now number 1.1 billion. They were third after Christianity with 2.2 billion and Islam with 1.6 billion. Hinduism was forth, with about 1 billion.

Parents Struggling To Face Affection.

It is observed that increasing number of parents need an instructional manual on how to treat their little children, since they are apparently incapable of showing them natural affection.

Parent needs to be taught the basics, such as hugging their children, playing with them, and singing to them. These activities are important for children’s balanced development.
(Reports) indicates however, that, among “polish families”, watching television and shopping took first place in the most common ways that parents spend time with their children.

Rage or Anger is Bad For You.

Rage or anger is ever-increasing phenomenon in our society, but it produces negative effects on the organism.

Anger affects the heartbeat, and breathing speed. It can further diminish a person’s ability to reason and can lesson his control over his actions.


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