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11 Top Potential Signs Of Kidney Failure

The kidneys are bean-shaped two bodies, each about the size of a palm. They are just below your rib cage, on one either side of your back.

Healthy kidneys consume about half a cup of blood each minute, removing waste, and generating excess water for urine.

Moreover, the urine is transferred from the kidneys to the bladder through two thin muscle tubes, one on each side of the body.

Urine is built up by the body. The ureters, bladder and lungs form the urinary tract.

How Do Kidneys Function?

Growing of the kidneys has around one million filter units, which are called nephrons.

Nephrons are also called glomerulus, which contains a filter and tubule.

The nephrons work through a two-step process: The glomerulus filters your blood, and the tubule returns essential substances to your  blood, thus removing waste.

Do you know that more than 37 million African adults are kidney sufferers and most are unaware of it?

Clinical symptoms are common because, they are also caused by certain diseases, kidney failure.

Moreover, people with kidney disease, do not display symptoms, until very late stages, when the kidneys become very weak or when the urine contains a large amount of protein.

Top 11 Potential Signs Of Kidney Disease You Should Be Aware Of.

1. Shortness of breath.

When kidney condition is severe enough, a increase in the fluid causes a feeling of coughing in the lungs.A young lady suffering from breath troubles

When anemia produces a need for oxygen in the body, it’s important to check on your doctor to find out if you have any symptoms, so that it won’t lead to kidney failure.

2. Feeling Constantly Cold

If the kidney disorders cause anemia, that means in warm areas it might make you cold too.Feeling cold

Pyelonphritis‘ effect on the kidney can cause fever and frostbite.

3. Skin Rashes and Itching

Certain disorders, including asthma are still unknown but rashes may be a symptom of kidney failure and insufficiency.

It is a kidney disease that also accumulates waste in your blood. And the skin is very itchy.

4. Extreme Tiredness

When the kidneys are functioning properly, it creates an erythropoietin and red blood cells born and oxygen.Very tired during work

When there is kidney failure, the hormone levels significantly declines, leading to tiredness and exhaustion in the organism.

5. Dizziness and lack of concentration

A lack of oxygen causes the brain to become sluggish, leading to difficulty in concentration, as the kidney causes you to tire. Oxygen is required for the brain to work really well.

Could not concentrate

6. Changes in the urinary function.

One of the foremost symptoms in kidney disease is a difference in the intensity and frequency of urination.Changes in urinary function

The urine that you pass will increase or decrease considerably. Sometimes, you can find a darker color in your urine. Most times you want to urinate, but you can’t.

Immediately you notice any significant changes in your urinary tract or it’s function, quickly see the doctor.

7. Swelling or Oedema

Each liquid and waste is absorbed into your kidneys. If they can’t do that anymore, they can build up waste and excess fluids in the body, thus leading to swelling of the legs.

8. Blood in the Urine

This is one of the unchallenged signs you should not ignore. Blood in the urine is a possible indicator of kidney failure, as the blood in the urine can be associated with several bladder cancer.

It is important to see the doctor without delay!

9. Difficulty or soreness when urinating

You will have difficulty or pain, if you try to clear your bladder.

10. Foamy Urine

All these symptoms are connected to bladder and kidney. The bladders gets affected at first, when the kidney fails.

11. Loss of appetite

There is food, but no appetite to eat.

The Importance Of Kidneys.

1. The kidneys removes acid produced by cells in the body.

2. It helps to maintain good balance of salts, water in the body.

3. Provides good balance of minerals in the body such as sodium, calcium, potassium.


A person with kidney failure should look for ways to continue participating in everyday life to improve their emotional well-being.

If you have kidney failure, please it will help if you don’t isolate yourself. Talk about your feelings with a friend or family member.

Look for ways to relax and stay active! Do not forget to get a professional help from a dialysis unit social worker or counselor to help you cope with your emotions.



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