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Carrots-15 Best Reasons, Why You Should Eat It Everyday


Carrots and Its Properties

Many persons underrate the importance of carrot. It is a gift from God. Do you know that carrots rank ninth among twenty-eight vegetables of commercial importance?

The Carrot is said to be one of the most planted and cultivated fruit in the world: United States, Asia, Europe, South Africa. The truth is, it is grown around the world. Carrot has a lot of health benefits that are too little to be known but very essential to the body.

This vegetable is unique in its taste and It goes perfectly with all kinds of foods. So, it adds spice to any kind of food whether sweet or not.

The energy value in carrots is low in calories (100 grams of carrot only contains 33-kilo calories).

In this article, we will consider the benefits of eating carrot.

One dictionary defines the carrot, “as a plant of the parsley family that have a long tapering, orange-red or reddish-yellow root which is eaten as a vegetable”.


How people use carrots?

In Germany, carrots are roasted and grounded. For a long time they have been used as a coffee substitute.

In Europe, carrot serve as a sweetener in cooking.

In Nigeria, 95% of it’s inhabitants prefer eating it raw. Carrots is hawked. It is found everywhere. You will see in markets, in the streets. It is loved and cherished by many.

In parties, many loves to include it in the food menu. It is added to green salads for dinner. If the carrots is well shredded, it adds color and flavor to any mixed salad.

Furthermore, if you grate carrots, add a crushed pineapple, and mixed with lemon, it makes a delicious fruit.

Carrots also go fine in stews.

Carrot stew
Carrot stew

Many like carrot cake, carrot pie, carrot custard.

Benefits of eating carrots.

1. It supplies the body vitamin A, to strengthening the eyesight, preventing blindness. Carrot prevents the appearance of cataracts. It helps the eyes to refocus.

Eye sight problems
Eye sight problems

2. It fights infections in the throat.

3. Eating Carrots fight the infections in the urinary tract.

Urinary tract chart
Urinary tract chart


4. The water from the carrots eliminate the kidney stones, making it a good supplement for people who suffer from Kidney problems.

Kidney Stones
Kidney Stones

5. Carrots contain good amounts of vitamins B and C as well as iron, phosphorus, chlorine and calcium.

6. It maintains the body weight. Carrot helps to reduce the cholesterol in the body.

7. It combats diarrhea, especially in infants.

8. Carrots can be used to treats infant enteritis.

9. Eating carrots strengthen the teeth and gum. A mineral substance in carrots, called fluorine maintains the dental enamel, thus preventing the appearance of cavity.

Carrots stregthen the teeth
Carrots strengthen the teeth and gum

It improves the oral blood supply, preventing bacteria staying on the teeth.

10. Carrot eases stomach ache.

11. Eating the whole carrots after cooking it, helps keep your falcarinol level.

12. It boosts the immune system. You will hardly fall sick. Many visits the hospitals weekly because their immune system is weak.

Eating carrots will help boost your immune system, thus actively fighting the bacteria in your system.

Carrot improves the immune-system
Carrot improves the immune-system

Why does Carrots boost the immune system?  It contains beta carotene, a carotene alpha and vitamin A.

13. The carrots juice improves the skin texture. The skin glitters. It works like a miracle.

Carrot improves the skin texture
Carrot improves the skin texture

Many resolve to use it as a cream. Some mix the blended carrots juice with olive oil and use it as a cream for their body.

14. It revitalizes the human hair. More so, it makes the hair curly and grow faster. When applied on the hair regularly, it makes it long.

15. Eating carrots keeps the body in a good shape. It energizes the body. That is so, because carrots is rich in phosphorus and potassium.


If you are a fan of carrot, don’t stop eating it. I am using this medium to encourage friends to start eating carrots. Carrots have fundamental benefits to the human body. So, continue eating it!



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