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17 Best Food Items To Keep The Heart Healthy

Never you joke with heart disease!  As people do say, prevention is better than cure. Eating a specified or particular type of food can improve your cardiovascular health. Did you know so? That is  true!

Research proves that you can easily ward off diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and clogged arteries this way. Please, why not pick up the following food on your next trip to the supermarket to keep your heart healthy!

Red Wine

You will be glad to know that red wine is very good for the heart. Drink it moderately if you want to avoid cholesterol buildup and improve your HDL levels. This beverage contains antioxidants that improves your blood vessels, thus making it flexible.


Chocolate is beautiful. Why?  Interestingly, it helps with hypertension and high blood pressure. It contains antioxidants that will help fight any cardiovascular issues and also keep your blood vessels flexible.


Chocolate is good for the health


Why not give sardines a try! This fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is  very good at decreasing the triglyceride levels in your blood. Moreover, it increases the good cholesterol levels in your blood. To wrap it all,, it prevents inflammation and heart disease.


Garlic can do wonders. Sincerely, it will interest you to know that it has a lot of heart-boosting properties. This tasty spice is great at making your dish taste good. Furthermore, it aims at  lowering your arterial plaque level and blood pressure.



Oranges are wonderful and lovely because they gives the body vitamin C, nutrients and fiber. Importantly, it will also quench your thirst. So grateful to its high levels of pectin, it will help absorb cholesterol from the food you eat. It contains potassium content, that aims to flush out sodium, lower blood pressure, and neutralize proteins.



Special thanks to blueberries. They are very rich in antioxidants and nutrients. If you want to lower cholesterol buildup, blood pressure, and plaque oxidation, try eating them on a regular basis. Blueberries helps to  prevent heart disease and cancer!

Blueberries, good for the health


Lentils will make your dish that much more nutritious and delicious! A diet rich in legumes will prevent heart disease and stroke. They are also high in potassium, protein and magnesium. It will interest you to know that lentils can  also bring down your cholesterol levels, blood pressure.

Lentils, the best.


Almonds are super delicious! Moreover, they provide many healthy nutrients that will improve your heart health and even boost your memory. They can help preventing getting any cardiovascular disease.  A handful of almonds will lower your cholesterol and prevent the absorption of LDL.



Did you know that you can eat pomegranates alongside with smoothies, salads, and shakes? Pomegranate contains antioxidants that prevent heart disease and plaque oxidation.  Moreover, It will also prevent diabetes, stroke, prostate cancer, and Alzheimer’s. More importantly, it is nice for your teeth, liver, joints and skin too.



Now is the time to be a fan of turmeric! It is an amazing food item. Turmeric will not only spice up your curry, but it will also guard against obesity, block heart enlargement, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and blood vessel dysfunction.



An apple a day will keep the doctor away. The super fruit  contains a lot of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These things work harmoniously to bring down blood pressure and blood pressure.



Avocados are always known for being tasty and healthy. They are full of  antioxidants, potassium and monounsaturated fats, in turn, will help you keep your heart in shape. Above all, they will also bring down cholesterol and minimize heart disease risk.



Carrots are tasty, highly nutritious and they also do wonders for the heart. They have a lot of carotenoids, an antioxidant that brings down heart disease risk and fights free radicals. This food item are weight-loss-friendly,  improve the eye health and helps the skin to glow. Carrots also come with vitamins and nutrients that fight cancer, promote the nervous system and bone health, and ward off heart disease.



Chicken is lean meat, so it does not have as much saturated fat and cholesterol as red meat does. Moreover, it builds the muscle, strengthens the bone, helps in weight loss and provides vitamins including minerals we can find in the brain.


You will be glad to hear this one if you also enjoy your java. Coffee is good for your heart.  Drinking it in moderation will lower your risk for stroke, heart failure, and coronary heart disease. it aids the liver health.




Ginger is very good for the health, because it tastes good and offers a lot of nutrients as well. Regular ginger intake will minimize your risk for high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Ginger  improves digestion, relieves pain before or during menstruation, fight cardiovascular disease and lower cancer risk.


Green Tea

Green tea is a herbal drink. It prevent the arterial plaque buildup and bring down LDL, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in your body. The herbal drink helps the brain to function well, reduce the risk of cancer and fight heart disease.

Green tea


If you follow and apply the above suggestions, you won’t regret it. Please comment below if you love this article.



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