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19 Best Tips To Protect Your Health

A wise person sees calamity and proceeds to conceal himself.

It’s important to take simple protective steps that can help you avoid much sickness and misery, as well as loss of time and energy.

19 Best Tips To Protect Your Health

1. Hand Washing: Hand washing is the single most important thing that you can do to prevent the spread of infection and to stay healthy and well.

As many as 80 percent of infections are said to be passed on by hands that are not clean. So wash your them often throughout the day.Washing hands

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

Do so especially before eating, preparing food, or dressing or even touching a wound, and do so after touching an animal, using the toilet, or changing a baby’s diaper.

Children stay healthier when parents train them to wash their hands and to keep them away from their mouth and eyes.

2. Bathing everyday: The part played by the sun in causing skin cancer is quite widely known.

Many doctors strongly suspect that a daily bath serves as a protection against malignancies on the skin and in other parts of the body.

3. Avoid infectious disease: Avoid close physical contact or sharing of eating utensils with any who have a cold or the flu. Their saliva and nasal secretions can pass the illness on to you.

Such blood-borne diseases as hepatitis B and C and HIV/AIDS are transmitted primarily through sexual contact, intravenous drug use, and transfusion.

Vaccinations can help to prevent some infections, but a wise person must still take necessary precautions when with someone who has an infectious disease.

4. Avoid insect bites: Do not sit or sleep outdoors unprotected when mosquitoes or other disease-carrying insects are active. Use bed nets, especially for children, and use insect repellents.

5. Avoid injuring yourself: Obey safety laws when working, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or driving a car.

Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Use appropriate protective equipment and clothing, such as safety glasses, headgear, and footwear, as well as seatbelts and hearing protection.

6. Avoid excessive sun exposure: It causes cancer and premature aging of the skin.

7. Keep your latrine clean: Make sure your toilet is clean always and covered. If not possible, defecate as far away from your house as possible and bury the excrement immediately.Keep your toilet clean always!

8. Boil your water: If you have no access to safe drinking water, boil the water and then allow it to cool before drinking.

However, unboiled water may look clean, it can still be contaminated.

9. Wash your food: Remember that uncooked food is much more likely to transmit an infection.

Foods that are to be eaten raw should be washed before eating and then consumed as soon as possible.

Other foods should be cooked thoroughly, especially meat and poultry.

10. Burn or bury domestic waste.

11. Clean corners of floor and cupboards weekly.

12. Wash clothes regularly with fresh laundry water.Wash your clothes regularly

13. Keep dirty clothes to be washed in a basket or other container.

14. Wash Windows.

15. Trap and kill rats; kill cockroaches and other insects.

16. Remove or bury human or animal droppings.

17. Divert open sewers from coursing through yard by digging a channel.

18. Flush toilets after use.

19. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before use.

Cleanliness-The Benefits

Why should families go to the trouble and expense of keeping things clean?

Because bacteria and parasites thrive in dirty surroundings. So as simple a matter as washing could mean the difference between life and death for your family!

Sincerely, cleanliness increases household expenses. Water may used for washing may be costly or hard to obtain. But the truth is, medicine is much more expensive.

Soap, disinfectant, wax, a rattrap, and a garbage container also cost money but not as much as doctor bills.

Have The Right Attitude

Do not believe that only what can be seen needs to be clean.

Some feel that while the front yard needs to be tidy, the backyard may as well be messy; that the sitting room has to be presentable, but the bedroom can be disorganized or the kitchen walls can be black from fingerprints and fumes.

Admittedly, it is not always possible to have every part of the house in spotless condition. But is it not at least a worthwhile goal for cleanliness to reign throughout the home-not just sections of it?

It would also not be right to blame the landlord for unclean conditions. True, a paint job may be long overdue, but this does not mean that the walls could not at least be washed.

Perhaps, a deal could be worked out with the landlord that you would care for some of the household repairs yourself-in exchange for a lowered rent.


In the meantime,  following and applying these 19 best tips will protect your health and  improve the quality of your life.






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