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What are the signs that someone truly loves you?

How do you know when you have found the right one? How do you know when you are on the right track? Are there signs to look out for?

Yes, there are signs to look out for. These signs will tell you whether or not you are on the right track.

What are those signs and why is it important to look out for these signs?

How do you know when someone you love, loves you?

It is generally believed that people come together to share their goals and dream because of love. However, with the alarming increase of divorce cases lately, it is right to ask if love has evolved. Why is it hard for love to sustain unions nowadays?  Does it mean that true love doesn’t exist as some people believe?

Well, The truth is Love hasn’t changed, and true love exists. There are people out there who love and look out for each other genuinely. And then, you ask, what went wrong?  Well, the simple answer is, people commit to relationships without understanding the true meaning of genuine love. Hence, people just dive into long-term romantic friendships thinking they are in love while in reality they never were.

Thus the need to understand what it means to be in love and to draw a line between infatuation and love. Here are 15 signs that someone truly Loves You:

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Human beings give attention to the things that interest them.

People don’t give attention to things they don’t think about. The world is a busy place. It is okay for your partner to be engulfed in other thoughts and happenings around them but you should be part of these thoughts that’s because you are also an important part of their life.

They don’t have to give you all of their time. A small portion of their time is enough. You’re worth it.


This is an important sign that someone truly loves you. Who doesn’t invest in things that are of great value to them? How much does your pain affect your partner? How much are they happy about your achievements? How much do they want to see you happy? How much are they willing to do for you so you feel better or become better?


Does your partner have any regard for your capabilities, your opinions? Your beliefs, your thoughts? Or are they the all-knowing leader in the relationship? Do you have a voice in this relationship? If your answer is affirmative, then, you are on the right track.


Does this person happily share stuff with you? I mean tangible stuff like gifts. Everybody should give in a relationship regardless of one’s gender. A person who genuinely loves you, won’t mind investing in an asset he or she believes in. This will help you know when someone’s truly loves you.


Can this person go out of their way to ensure that you are fine? To what extend? Sacrifices have always depicted true love. How far can your partner go to ensure that you are all good?


People protect things that are valuable to them. As a girl, does he protect you from rebellious friends and family members, outsiders, or acquaintances? As a man, is she there for you when you need her to support you emotionally when you are down and in need of someone to protect you from yourself? Does your partner advise you on some of the decisions you make that can cause you harm? Watch out for these signs.


Jealousy shouldn’t be confused with obsession. Jealousy in this context is when your partner wants to have you to themselves alone and when they are afraid of losing you to other people. Don’t mistake jealousy with someone who chokes you and isn’t giving you any space to live your life outside the relationship. Jealousy is different from obsession.

Forgiving And Tolerance

Forgiveness is to let go of the wrongs done to you by others. When a person is in love with you, such a person is more tolerant of your shortcomings. Provides you with another chance to right your mistakes. And will even help you to forgive yourself. Find you a person who tolerates your imperfections while you strive to achieve perfection in those areas of your life. None of these should be taken for granted. When forgiven, don’t repeat mistakes and when a horrible character is being tolerated. Don’t get used to it. Learn to work on yourself. Forgiveness and tolerance important signs that someone loves you for real.


What is vulnerability? Vulnerability is a state of being defenseless, helpless, fragile, susceptible, and unguarded. This is a process of being overly open with someone, where you allow them to see you as you are. Vulnerable people are easily open to attacks. And that’s why many people go to any length to protect themselves by being all hard and fierce. Thus, when a person is open and free with you, don’t take it for granted. It shows that this person loves and trusts you. Watch out for this sign when  you want to know if someone loves you truly.


We all want to find that one person who loves us enough to want to know about us and understand us. Someone who loves you truly will want to know you, your flaws, your thoughts and all that there is to know about you.

Not just that, but accept you, your beliefs, and your perception. These type of people are hard to come by. If you are lucky to find one. Stick with them.


Well, for people that do not truly understand the meaning of love, love can be quite confusing. Being able to differentiate between infatuation and physical admiration is a hard thing to do. And others may regard them as love.

The summary of it is that, to know if someone truly loves you beyond lust, physical attraction, and attachment, you can use the measures above to understand if someone truly loves you.  A person who is likely to show all of the signs above must have developed a genuine love for you. Stick with them.

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