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Reacting to the recent news of the military man that killed a motorist who gave him a lift, a twitter user has taken to the bird app to narrate his own similar and personal ordeal with a police officer.

According to the twitter user,, he was on a journey with a friend when they came across a police officer who needed a ride.

He said that he had a hard time convincing his friend who was the owner of the car to assist the officer but was later successful. On their way, the police man requested to be dropped even before they reached where he claimed he was initially going.

After the policeman alighted, they searched the entire vehicle and found two bullet casings! And the story continued…

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Read his full tweet below:

Just read that Post on Instablog about a military man who killed an innocent guy that gave him a lift. I and my friend had similar experience years back and I’d love to share it tonight. It was mid-July in 2017, i and my friend were returning to Sagamu, after an event in Abeokuta. We were both thirsty, so i asked my friend to pull over beside the governor’s office so I can buy bottle waters at one of those lined shops.

While i was waiting for the woman to bring me the table waters, a police man dressed up in mufti but with a visible police round neck vest beneath his jacket, asked humbly if we could give him a ride to Isiun. Isiun is just few minutes drive before Sagamu.

I had no issue with riding with us but i know my friend who doesn’t trust any military personnel won’t feel cool with it. I told the policeman to hold on a bit while i ask my friend if it was cool with him. My friend hesitated at first but stupid me managed to convince him to be a good Nigerian. Moreover, He’s just one person with no weapon and we are two, so what harm can he do to us?

He agreed and I signaled to the policeman to join us. Few minutes into the ride, while we were discussing about the event we were coming from, the policeman asked us to please drop him at Kobape (Before his previous stated destination). We asked if everything was cool and he said yes!

That he just changed his mind and he wanted to stop over at a relative’s place. So we pulled over at Kobape bus stop and he alighted.He thanked us and we continued but my friend wasn’t feeling safe and he kept on saying to me “Yinka Sledge I swear, I no trust that man wey we carry.

My spirit no just like am” I laughed at his words and replied jokingly that it was because the bad eggs won’t let us appreciate the good ones. But my friendWasn’t having any of those jokes. He kept on lamenting about it and it was starting to get annoying, so i angrily told him to stop at a fruit seller’s stand beside the road for us to check the car and satisfy his conscience and he agreed.

We got down and started searching the spot the policeman sat before he alighted. We’ve not searched that long before he raised the double foot-mat beneath the front passenger’s sit and guess what we found…. 2 empty bullet shells😊. We froze for minutes and this sweat came out of nowhere.

We couldn’t say a word to each other for minutes. We emptied and ransacked the whole backseat in search of any other implicating items but we found none, except those two empty bullet shells. We couldn’t think straight cos we were too scared.

Then the idea of calling a now late Family friend of ours who was in the Police force then came to my mind. We called him and narrated everything to him and he told us to search the car again for any implicating items. We did and we told him we found nothing. He then asked us to throw those empty shells away…and continue with our journey.

But in case we run into any checkpoints on our way and they stop us, we should stop and not panic, then we should make sure we put a call through to him first. So we continued with our journey but scared asf!

Just before we get to isiun bus stop, we sighted a police checkpoint ahead of us but they were not on the road and they were not stopping any vehicle…..But they all rushed to signal our car to pull over and even the cars behind us were allowed to go.

That was the moment i knew Exactly what was going on and how we could marching to jail in seconds. They asked us for the car papers and driver’s license and my friend provided everything. They asked what we do for a living and where we were coming from. I was a corper then and my friend was an architect We told them and they asked us to step down from the car. We did but we didn’t move away.

The leader of the team asked them to search our car and booth for any exhibit. They started searching, but to our surprise that spot the policeman got down from was the center of their focus They kept on dusting the foot mat several times and looking for something at that spot but still they found nothing.

We didn’t take our eyes off the policemen searching our car. I managed to put a call through to our family friend and handed the phone to the leader, he declined At first but when i told him the person i called was a Policeman too, he reluctantly collected the phone from me and spoke to him.

Honestly, I’m not sure about what they discussed but I could hear him saying “Shun sir, okay sir”. All this while he was talking to the person I Called. Another policeman was on the phone with somebody, he’d cut the call and go back to search that same spot but after the leader dropped the call, he told them to let us go and gave us our papers back. The rest of the team were giving us this so cold look.

We hurriedly enter our car and while we were trying to start the car, one of them said to us “una better commot here before i change my mind”. We left in a hurry and we didn’t say a word to each other till we got home. Our family friend called us and asked if we are on our way.

He said to us “You boys need to be really careful with all these your good heart, you could have been marching your way to jail just like that or have your parents hustling huge amounts to bail you from what looked like a minor joke to you”….

We didn’t say a word to each other till we got home. That incident left me traumatized for years and till date, I’m not sure if i can ever give a stranger a lift anymore. Even if it’s life and death. I’m not sorry, it’s my experience that shaped me.

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Snake found nestled inside bottled water pack




Snake found nestled inside bottled water pack

A man was shocked to find a snake nestled inside a pack of bottled water.

The snake managed to stay hidden and remained undetected, the man said as he shared photos online.

Snake found nestled inside bottled water pack

He said the snake was only noticed when it was taken to the point of sale.

Photos shared online show the snake in the pack of bottled water and also on the floor after it was removed from the pack.

See below.

Snake found nestled inside bottled water pack
Snake found nestled inside bottled water pack

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US Tech Company: Multi-millionaire Founder Accused of Grooming and Sexually Harassing His Friend’s Daughter, 23




Multi-millionaire founder of US tech company accused of grooming and sexually harassing his friend's daughter, 23,

Multi-millionaire founder of an advised by former UK prime minister David Cameron

Zia Chishti, 50, a multi-millionaire founder of the software company Afiniti, has been accused of sexual harassment and assault by a former employee.

The American call centre technology company founder allegedly beat 23-year-old Tatiana Spottiswoode while having sex with her on a work trip to Brazil in 2017, leaving her injured. He was accused of grooming and sexually harassing his friend’s daughter.

US tech company: Multi-millionaire Founder Accused of Grooming and Sexually Harassing His Friend's Daughter, 23,

He then allegedly told her that ‘he should have had sex with me when I was thirteen years old’, according to testimony she gave to a US Congressional committee.

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Today, Mr. Cameron’s spokesman announced he had stepped down from the role.

Ms. Spottiswoode said she met Mr. Chishti when she was 12 or 13, and met him again when she was a student at Columbia Law School.

She told the committee: ‘When I was in my senior year of college, in December 2014, Chishti, who was 43 at the time, invited me on a ski trip. I was 21.

‘I initially declined, but he insisted he wanted me to meet his nephew, who also studied philosophy. So I agreed. I later learned that the nephew, who never showed up, didn’t exist.’

‘The trip was designed to groom me. Chishti told me he had feelings and showed me an extravagant lifestyle.’

Ms. Spottiswoode said she rejected him but eventually dated him about five times over ten weeks before eventually breaking off the relationship.

She continued: ‘Months later, Chishti encouraged me to join his company. He presented a rosy picture of a great career opportunity. I believed him. Chishti told me he did not expect a sexual relationship.’

When Ms. Spottiswoode joined his company in 2016, she said she signed a contract that included an arbitration agreement with a ‘strong confidentiality clause’.

She went on to describe a toxic work environment, saying he ‘ocellated between pressurizing me for sex and punishing me’.

‘During a work meeting in Dubai, he put his hands under my pants and grabbed my butt in front of co-workers,’ she said.

Ms. Spottiswoode went on to describe another work trip to Brazil.

‘I avoided him as much as I could but was under increasing pressure from him. I began to worry that, in addition to wanting sex, Chishti wanted to hurt me and punish me for rejecting him,’ she said.

‘I felt completely trapped and hopeless. I was 23 and very far from home.

‘I didn’t want to lose my job, I didn’t want him to get any angrier, I did not feel that anyone would protect me and I was too tired to argue with him anymore. I went to his room where he beat me while having sex with me.

‘I told him he was hurting me, he said, ”Good”. He told me he should’ve had sex with me when we first met when I was 13-years-old.

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‘I hid in my hotel room until my flight the next day. My body was covered with scratches, cuts, and contusions.

‘I had bruises around my neck that looked like I had been strangled, a large bump on my head, and a black eye. A nurse at the hospital said I had the symptoms of a concussion.’

Mr. Cameron, 55, joined Afiniti as the chairman of its advisory board in 2019, two years after the incident is alleged to have taken place.

A source close to the former prime minister told The Daily Telegraph he did not know about the allegations until they were aired in Congress.

Afiniti provides artificial intelligence software for managing call centres.

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EndSARS: Lagos Panel reportedly indicts Nigerian Army and Police, says they shot live bullet and killed Lekki Tollgate protesters while singing National Anthem




EndSARS: Lagos Panel reportedly indicts Nigerian Army and Police, says they shot live bullet and killed Lekki Tollgate protesters while singing National Anthem

The Lagos State Judicial Panel on #EndSARS submitted its report to the Lagos State Government today, November 15.

Sahara Reporters reports that the panel in the report which is yet to be made public as promised by the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, clearly found the Nigerian Army and police fired live bullets at peaceful protesters at the Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020. It also concluded that the “deliberate absence of officers of the Nigerian Army who were present at the Lekki Toll Gate and who were summoned by the Panel was a calculated attempt to conceal material evidence from the Panel”.

According to SaharaReporters, the panel in its report found

“From the evidence of General A.I.Taiwo (Commander, 81 Military Intelligence Brigade, Nigerian Army, Victoria Island, Lagos) on pages 6, 7, 21, 22, the Panel finds that both blank and live bullets were fired by the Nigerian Army at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020, for the following reasons:

Apart from the military men in uniform, the Army left its base with vehicles, rifles and guns, which contained both live and blank bullets. General Taiwo admitted at page 22 that the Army went to the Lekki Toll Gate with live ammunition.

As of October 30, 2020, when the Panel visited the Lekki Toll Gate for its on the spot assessment, it was still able to recover two bullets shells which were duly analyzed by the forensic expert hired by the Panel, Sentinel, who is very familiar with weapons used by the Nigerian Army. These bullet shells were said to be the same as or similar to the ones normally used by the Nigerian Army and they were expended shells, meaning they were fired live at the Lekki Toll Gate.

Petitioners and witnesses appeared before the Panel to give vivid accounts of shootings by the Army into the crowd of protesters. The Panel finds their testimonies credible being eyewitness accounts and would ascribe probative value to their testimony over that of General Taiwo who was not physically present at the Lekki Toll Gate.

The Panel finds as credible, the case of the EndSARS protesters that soldiers shot directly at protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020 as confirmed by Lagos State Ballistic Expert, Willie-Harry on page 244 that some video evidence indicate “… instances where troops were seen to be re-arming their weapons before either discharging them to the air or purposely in the direction of the protesters …”

The Panel believes that the deliberate absence of officers of the Nigerian Army who were present at the Lekki Toll Gate and who were summoned by the Panel was a calculated attempt to conceal material evidence from the Panel and verily believes  that their presence would have damaged the case of the Nigerian Army.

The Panel finds the evidence, presentation and report of the Ballistic Expert engaged by Lagos State as too general and unrelated to the specific evidence before the Panel on the Lekki Toll Gate Incident. The said report was based largely on extraneous materials that were not produced or tendered before the Panel in order to determine their source or relevance. The witness admitted that he did not work with any document or video admitted before the Panel, he did not speak with any of the protesters or petitioners, the doctors or the pathologists or indeed any other relevant witness known to the Panel.”

On injuries from Lekki Tollgate, the Panel 

“finds that the testimony of Dr Babajide Lawson of Reddington Hospital as to the nature of treatment offered victims of the Lekki Toll Gate Incident in relation to gunshot wounds which were high velocity ‘entry and exit’, all indicate injuries from military weapons, consistent with the bullet shells recovered by the Panel during its visit and the witnesses that testified before the Panel”.

It also “finds corroboration of the case of gunshot wounds in the testimony of Dr. Aromolate Ayobami of Grandville Trauma Centre, where several victims of gunshot wounds were treated comprehensively and discharged.

“The testimony of the EndSARS protesters, especially Miss Serah Ibrahim, Mr. Onileowo Legend, Miss Dabira Ayuku, Miss Kamsichukwu (all of whom were personally present at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20), as to the fact that the Army shot live bullets, video evidence of casualties, fatalities, etc, all lend credence to the fact that the Army shot at the protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20 2020 which resulted into deaths and other physical injuries.”

The panel also noted that General Taiwo was shown video clip – 202010.wa0313 of Hq81D file – where protesters were shouting that the army had shot and killed.

The panel said

“He admitted seeing someone lying on ground with what looked like blood but stated that the video was fake when he did not produce his own original video on behalf of the Army.

The testimony and report of Professor John Obafunwa, a Forensic Pathologist of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, showed that three (3) corpses were deposited at the Mainland Hospital, Yaba Hospital, all from the Lekki Toll Gate and the autopsy conducted thereon revealed death from bleeding caused by penetrating objects or rifled weapon.

The Panel finds that the fact of lack of identity of some of the other 96 corpses on the list supplied by Professor Obafunwa would not obliterate the fact that some of them could have come from the Lekki Toll Gate Incident of October 20, 2020 or that some other unidentified corpses may have been removed by their families or the military, as claimed by the EndSARS protesters, far and beyond the list tendered by Professor Obafunwa.

The Panel finds that most of the 96 corpses for which autopsies were conducted by Professor Obafunwa remain unidentified but they were labelled with EndSARS, apparently lending credence to the case of the EndSARS protesters that the shootings by security agencies resulted in mass deaths.

The Panel finds that the manner of the occurrence of the incidences at the Lekki Toll Gate did not present proper procedure of cordoning off the scene, inviting forensic experts and pathologists, crime experts and others involved in such situations.

The Panel finds that difficulty in identifying the corpses could have been avoided had Lagos State Government provided timely and adequate funding to conduct DNA tests as was done in the cases of DANA Air crash and Synagogue Church building collapse.

The Panel is reluctant to accept the view that a large number of the corpses tagged unknown were from the riot in Ikoyi Correctional Centre, being an institution with proper records to identify such corpses and that these may be part of the Lekki Toll Gate casualties.

In particular, General Taiwo admitted knowledge of Major Osoba Olaniyi, who put out a statement on behalf of the Nigerian Army admitting that the Army was present at the Lekki Toll Gate and they shot but not at the protesters.

The Panel finds that the firing of live bullets by the Army at genuine protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020, resulted in grievous injuries and the loss of lives of the protesters.

Panel also finds that the shooting of the protesters by the Nigerian Army at the Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020 was unwarranted, excessive, provocative and unjustifiable in the circumstances of the state of the protests which was peaceful and orderly.”

The panel also noted the evidence before it “shows that after the Nigerian Army left, the Nigeria Police Force, followed up with the killing of the protesters, shooting directly at fleeing protesters into the shanties and the Lagoon at the Lekki Phase 1 Foreshore, close to the Lekki Toll Gate, floating corpse and one-shot close to Serah Ibrahim.”

Also in its findings, the panel noted

“That the Nigerian Army was invited for intervention in the State and was deployed to Lekki Toll Gate on the 20th of October 2020. At the Lekki Toll Gate, officers of the Nigerian Army shot, injured and killed unarmed helpless and defenseless protesters, without provocation or justification, while they were waving the Nigerian Flag and singing the National Anthem and the manner of assault and killing could in context be described as a massacre.

The Panel also found that the conduct of the Nigerian Army was exacerbated by its refusal to allow ambulances render medical assistance to victims who required such assistance. The Army was also found not to have adhered to its own Rules of Engagement.

The Panel found that the Nigerian Police Force deployed its officers to the Lekki Toll Gate on the night of the 20th October, 2020 and between that night and the morning of the 21st of October, 2020, its officer shot at, assaulted and battered unarmed protesters, which led to injuries and deaths. The police officers also tried to cover up their actions by picking up bullets.

The panel found that LCC hampered the panel’s investigation by refusing to turn over some useful and vital information/evidence as requested by the Panel and the Forensic Expert engaged by the panel, even where such information and evidence was by the company’s admission, available. It manipulated the incomplete CCTV Video footage of the Lekki Toll Gate on the night of the 20th of October 2020, which it tendered before the Panel.

The Panel found that there was an invitation of the Nigerian Army to Lagos State made by the Lagos State Government through the Governor before the hierarchy of the Nigerian Army deployed its soldiers to the Lekki Toll Gate on the night of the 20th of October.

The Panel found that there was an attempt to cover up the Incident of the 20th of October by the cleaning of the Lekki Toll Gate and the failure to preserve the scene ahead of potential investigations.”

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