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28 Best Tips On How To Keep Your Job

Today, many people feel the constant threat of losing their job.

Oftentimes, large numbers of people are suddenly laid off. Getting a new job may not be easy. No Wonder, keeping their present job is of primary importance.

The question is, what can you do to keep your job, or reduce the risk of being laid off?

What to do to reduce the possibility of being paid off, in case the company decides to reduce the number of employees?

1. Each day, report at work on time. The point? Be punctual, Unless the situation is something you can’t control. Sleep early to wake up early in other to get to work early.

2. Don’t discuss your personal problems with your employer. Since employers have a lot of personnel problems, ensure you don’t add to it.

Your employer already is faced with a lot of challenges. They have family to think about. More so, the ups and downs of the company. Better discussing your personal problems with others, but not your employer.

3. Learn to provide a solution to problems. Not a problematic. Apply practical wisdom. Read more. Do research on topics that are related to your job. No man is an Iceland.

Such acquired knowledge will assist you in providing solutions.

4. Follow instructions closely. Don’t do things your own way. Avoid overconfidence.

5. Pretend the company is yours. Acknowledge inside of you, that the company you work for, is very important to you. Give it your all, the best!

6. Show personal interest. The welfare of the   company should be your concern.

7. Don’t be over conscious of timing. If your employer notices your consciousness, it will increase your chances of being laid off.

8. Put your heart in the job. Laziness should be avoided.

9. Learn to respect your superiors. Your actions and words matter to your employer. It speaks volumes. So, be respectful.

10. Be polite to your fellow workers. Don’t easily gets irritated, when your fellows are around you. You don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

11. Stick to the company’s policies. Don’t be in a hurry to suggest any great change. Except, if invited doing so. Be slow in speaking. Always listen carefully.

12. Make good use of your time. Be careful not to use working hours for personal reading or work. Note that, there is time for everything. Use your time wisely

13. Recognize that, you are accountable to your employer. He is your boss. You were employed by him.

14. Be a peacemaker. Do not discuss the quarrels or disappointment you have with your fellow workers to your superiors.

Settle the disagreement quickly.

15. Cooperation. Always cooperate when there is a need for occasional overtime or extra work. Do not complain.

16. Use your talents. If you know how to do things well, don’t simply refuse other work because it is different from your field of specialty.

17. Don’t label your employer as an exploiter. Don’t feel he is using you. There be reward for any who is diligent.

18. Ensure your skills and contribution is geared towards improving the goals of the company.

19. Create a positive atmosphere in your relationship with your employer.

20. Be yourself.Do not let your employer view you as someone who is unstable and insecure. Be confident in yourself. Prove your worth.

21. Understand the goals and objectives of the firm. Aim to work towards and achieve them.

22. Be honest in all your dealings. Give your employer an honest day’s work. Never steal from him.

23. Learn from your failures. If you make mistakes, be quick to admit and learn from it.

24. Not good to discuss your salaries with your fellow workers.

25. Be presentable. Dress properly.

26. Be kind and humble. Don’t take yourself too seriously. People should be free with you. Don’t look moody. Be friendly.

27. Be God-fearing person. Hence, you won’t bring reproach on your God, your employer and the company’s reputation.

28. Be faithful and dependable. Care for your assignment well and be reliable. Earn your employer’s trust.


The above information are essential to adhere to, if you want to keep your job.

The need to be honest can’t be overemphasized.

Be honest with your employer even in little things. If you had your own business, would you not be happy if your employees are honest?

Of course, you will be motivated to trust them too.

Continue to show active interest in your job. Arrive on time each day. Give it your all. Hopefully, if the day comes when the decision comes to reduce the number of staff, it may be well that you will keep your precious job.

Good work attitudes may help keep you on the job. Avoid poor work attitude.

Remember, what you sow, is what you will reap!


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