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Happiness: 3 Surprise Qualities That Can Bring You Happiness

What will you say can make one happy? Check the following factors or qualities below, and see which one is correct

  • Education
  • Money
  • Famous

Higher education, with its emphasis on academic study, often produces graduates who have few or no practical skills, leaving them unprepared to deal with the realities of life.


Many graduates are jobless. Life becomes difficult. Happiness is denied. Frustration comes in.

Millions of people work long hours, stressing themselves to make more money. Why? They strongly feel that money do bring lasting happiness. Any evidence to prove so?

According to the Journal of Happiness Studies, once our basic needs are met, more income does little to improve our overall happiness or our sense of well-being.


Money itself is not the problem. It’s “the manner or way a person strives for [money] that’s linked to unhappiness,” states an article in the magazine Monitor on Psychology. In fact, many who developed love of money have brought upon themselves intense pain. You may wonder, what are those pain money brings. Let’s find out as seen below.

Anxiety and loss of sleep. Why? Because the wealth needs protection. The rich does not sleep, even when he wants to.


Disappointment comes when the targeted happiness did not come. That happens because a lover of money do not get satisfied. He wants more and more.

Furthermore, a hunger for wealth or desire to be wealthy may prompt a person to sacrifice important things that do bring happiness. For example, time for rest and sleep, precious time spent with family and friends or in spiritual pursuits.

Vexation and anger comes up when money and investments and projects fail. Be wise! Do not to stress yourself in order to pursue wealth. Use discernment as you strive for wealth.

Being famous does not bring happiness. How many famous people do you know are happy?


Be contented.

Obviously, we did not bring anything into the world neither is it possible to take anything out. So, having a simple eyes pays a lot.

Allow the money to look for you. Exhausting hours is not encouraged. People who are content are not ready  to complain or grumble. They try not to envy those who are wealthy compare to them.

They focus on their needs and not wants. A simple person brings happiness to himself. He is happy. No wonder, he never allows his desires to exceed his means of livelihood. As a result, they spare themselves needless anxiety and stress.

Be Generous

Be generous

People who are generous finds happiness. Why are they happy? Because they consider it a privilege to make others happy. No matter how little of their time and energy they give, they genuinely find happiness. What is the end result?

They often gain in abundance what no amount of money can buy—love, respect, and genuine friends, who give generously in return! So, ask yourself, ‘Do people know me as a generous or stingy person? Am I generous? Ready to help others, thus making sacrifices for them? No doubt, generous person finds happiness.

Be Selfless.


Selfless simply means putting yourself before others. Making sacrifices for friends and family. Love is better than a  place of hatred where a palatable dish is served. The main point? Loving relationships with others are more valuable than material riches.


We have discussed that being famous, education and striving for money does not brings happiness but generosity, contentment  and selfless attitude does! Love of money can cause anxiety, disappointment, vexation and frustration.

Be content with what you have. Strive to be generous. Consider the interest of your family and friends including neighbors first and you will be genuinely happy.




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