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5 Best Ways To Identify Fraudsters Forum and Protect Yourself

5 Best Ways To Identify Fraudsters Forum and Protect Yourself

Each day, upright and honest people are the victims of fraud. Honesty alone doesn’t protect them. Some of the brilliant minds in the world are fabricating and carrying out schemes to separate people from their money.

True,  there are some frauds so well conducted, that it would be stupidity not to be deceived by them. Old schemes have many variations, and new schemes are being formulated all the time.

So how can you defend yourself? You need not try to learn all the ways in which criminals defraud people. A few basic precautions will go a long way in protecting you from becoming a victim.

Be Sharp and Wise

At the heart of many frauds is the promise of unrealistically high returns from investments. A common get-rich-quick scam is the pyramid scheme. Though there are many variations of this scam. The usual design is for investors to recruit other investors, for which the recruiters receive a commission.


Chain letters work in the same way by asking you to send money to people at the top of a list. The assurance is that you will receive thousands of dollars when your name reaches the top.

Pyramid schemes always collapse because it is impossible to keep on recruiting new members. Promoters of pyramid schemes well know that there is a saturation point. When they suspect that point is near, they take the money and run.

You will probably lose your money, and those whom you have recruited will now be trying to recover their lost money from you. Remember, for you to make money in a pyramid scheme, someone else has to lose money.

Is someone offering you easy money or huge profits in return for an investment? A cautionary warning is this: If an offer appears too good to be true, it usually is.

Don’t be quick to believe advertising claims and testimonials, thinking, “This is different.” Keep in mind that people are not in business to give away money or to share secrets to make you rich.

fraudsters forum

If someone claims to have special knowledge that will make you a fortune, ask yourself: ‘Why doesn’t he use it to make himself wealthy? Why is he wasting time trying to sell it to me?’
What if you are told that you have won a contest or a prize? Don’t get excited—it may be a scam, one that has victimized many.

Protect Your Personal Information from fraudsters forum

fraudsters forum

If a person steals your checkbook or credit cards, he can buy things with them. If he steals your bank account information, he may be able to order and write checks in your name. If he obtains enough personal information, he may assume your identity.

Once your identity has been stolen, a criminal can withdraw money from your bank accounts, charge things to your credit card accounts, and obtain loans in your name. You may even find yourself arrested for a crime you did not commit!
To protect yourself from this type of fraud, be careful with all personal documents, including your bank statements and checkbooks, driver’s license, and Social Security card or national identity card.

Refuse to provide personal or financial information to others unless there is a legitimate reason why they should have it. This is especially so for credit card numbers and bank account information. The only time you should give anyone your credit card number is when you want to buy something with it.

It is also wise to destroy unsolicited credit card applications that you receive in the mail, since these contain information about you that someone else might misuse. Create a pin code for your sim card and your phone. Once your phone is missing, quickly returned to the bank to block any further transactions.

Do Business Only With Reputable People

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Do business with reputable people

Do you believe that you can sense dishonesty in people? Be careful because Impostors  are called con, or confidence, artists. Why?  Because they know how to win the confidence of others. They are called confidence tricksters and are skilled at making their victims trust them.

Rather than try to discern a person’s integrity by trusting your instincts, watch for two blabber mouth signs that characterize many frauds: First, does an offer appear too good to be true, and second, is the seller trying to rush you into making a decision?

Careful On The Internet because of the fraudsters forum

Too-good-to-be-true offers abound on the Internet. Though the Internet offers much of value, it also enables criminals to defraud victims quickly and anonymously. Do you have an E-mail account? If so, you may find yourself on the receiving end of spam—unsolicited commercial E-mail.

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Though spam offers an endless array of goods and services, many of these are fraudulent. If you respond to an unsolicited E-mail by sending money for some product or service, you will probably receive nothing in return.

If you do receive something, it will almost certainly not be worth the money you have invested in it. The best advice is, Never buy anything from a spammer.

Use Your Sense While Making And Receiving Calls

This applies equally to those who phone to sell you something. Although many telephone sales calls are made by legitimate businesses, telemarketing scams cheat people out of billions of dollars every year. There is no way to know whether a sales pitch is legitimate if you simply talk with someone who calls you on the phone.

A imposter may even pose as a representative of a bank or a credit card protection agency. You have good reason to be suspicious if someone calls you claiming to be from a bank or a company with whom you have an account and asks for information that they should already have.

If that happens, you might ask for the person’s phone number. Then call back after verifying that the number really is that of the bank or agency.

A good policy is not to give your credit card number or any other personal information to a stranger who calls you.

If someone calls to sell you something that you do not want, you can politely say, “Sorry, I do not do business over the phone with people I do not know.” Then hang up. There is no reason for you to engage in an unwanted conversation with a stranger who may be trying to defraud you.


If you follow and apply the basic principles above, you make yourself less vulnerable to being a victim of fraud. Kindly comment below if you appreciate this article.






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