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5 Things to do to improve the quality of your life.

Sickness, poverty, unemployment, malnutrition and inflation are problems that are becoming widespread. Developing lands are not free from these problems.

The truth is, no immediate solution for now, at least from human standpoint. These problems have destroyed the lives of people.

Their desires are not met. It seems there is no hope. Life has not been fair to billions of people.

There is something you can do to make your life better. The quality of your life can be improved. It solely depends on you. You can do something about it.

The following practical suggestions can be of help to you.

1. Try rearing animals: If possible, you can think of raising your own animals, such as goats, chickens, pigeons or other animals.

It has been observed that meat has become a vital and an expensive item.

With little help from others, you can successfully understand the tips on how to raise a small flock of animals.

You can rear these animals as they grow and make earnings from it.

Place the growing animals for sale. Take them to the market. Inform neighbors and friends you are in the business, so they can patronize you.

If you enjoy eating fish, why not try learn how to make a small fishpond. Eggs, fish and meat are vital to your family’s health. Why do I say so?

They contain vitamins, calcium, protein, minerals, and iron.

2. Buy things in bulk. If you do buy oil, rice, flour and beans in small quantities, don’t you think you maybe wasting a lot of money?

Importantly, if at all possible, try to buy such food items in bulk, sharing the cost with two, three or more families.

There are a lot of benefits, buying things in bulk. You will save more money, especially when a particular fruit or vegetables are in season.

However, in other cases, you can buy things in wholesale. You will agree with me, It really pays to buy things in bulk.

3. Maintain proper hygiene: Maintaining proper hygiene is important to the family’s health.

Most times, we can be the cause of our illness. This is as a result of uncleanness. Unclean conditions allow flies, rats, and cockroaches make us sick.

The truth is, maintaining proper hygiene can cost you time and effort. You cannot compare the cost of medicine and doctor bills to the cost of cleanliness.

How we take care of ourselves and environment may differs to a reasonable degree, from country to country and from person to person.

However, we will consider a few general principles that are applicable everywhere.

For instance, let’s talk about toilet facilities. In rural areas, people are deficate anywhere. Very lawless people. Such way of life has brought untold number of illness and disease to the inhabitants.

Consulting local health workers can be helpful. They can provide you with instructions on how to construct a hygienic toilet at a very little cost.

Your home? Is it well-kept and neat? It should also smell clean.

Your kitchen? Is it clean and tidy? Food must be cooked properly, must be covered well and be clean. It is important to do so, to be healthy.

Parasites and germs are everywhere, even in polluted water. Therefore, you can boil or filter your water before using it. Before handling food, wash your hands thoroughly.

Water can be stored in clean and sealed containers.

Animals such as dogs, cats, goats should not be permitted to wander about in the kitchen.

Rats and mice should not be allowed to run over pans and pots, containing your food.

4. Habit of preserving food: You may wonder, how can you store perishable items since it is encouraged to buy things in bulk?

There are many ways of preserving food. Drying food is one practical and popular method.
(Reports) indicates that many African women make a living by drying okra, fruits, squash, herbs and pumpkin seeds.

The art of drying food does not require any special skill nor equipment. Simply place the item on a clean surface, covered by a thin (clothes) to disallow flies. The sun and air will do the rest.

5. Plant a garden: It may shock you to see how much, can be produced on a small plot of land.

A plot of land measuring 500 to 1000 square feet (ca. 93 square meters) [50 to 100 sq m] can produce enough vegetables to feed a family of six!

Spending your resources on things you can grow yourself is not a wise decision.

If you have sufficient land, depending on the soil and climate, you can plant the following items right next to your house such as:

A. Tomatoes

B. Okra

C. Green onions

D. Cucumbers

E. Corn

F. Sugarcane

G. Pumpkins

H. Sweet potatoes

I. Peppers

J. Parsley

K. Lemongrass

L. Cassava

Such a garden can fill in the family’s basic needs and diet. Perhaps, you may have some excess produce from the garden that you can sell to bring you money.

With sufficient land, you can also consider planting a variety of fruit trees.

Do you know that a single tree can produce more fruit than you and your family can eat?

Apply fertilizers to improve your food production.

Trees that are well-placed can clean the air, make your surroundings more pleasant and beautiful. It can give you a shade too.

Note: If you know little about gardening, you can talk to friends, neighbors and families who are experienced in this matter.

Try purchasing or borrow some books on gardening.

I am convinced that these simple practical suggestions will improve the quality of your life.

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