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5 Most Important Things You Can Do To Stay Healthy

Does it make sense to wait until you are sick before giving thought to your health? Not really! Not noticing severe symptoms does not necessarily mean good health.

Too few people give attention to maintenance therapy- regimen of relaxation, exercise and rest depending on an individual’s need.

Reasons why few people give thought to maintenance therapy?

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Most people feel they that they are too busy. However, it may well be, that it requires more than concern about health for the average person to take ‘maintenance therapy’ seriously.

Today, people generally show little or no interest in health maintenance. This gives reasons why many ignore the warnings about the harm to lungs and heart as a result of smoking.

Everyone should get acquainted with himself or herself, understanding one’s reaction to a particular kind of food.

We will consider five basic things you need to do, to have a good health, to which you do well to give much attention: (1) sufficient rest and relaxation; (2) sleep; (3) regular exercise; (4) sensible eating habits; (5) good mental and emotional habits.

It may not be easy to do them. Why not? We are not perfect. But if we put earnest effort to apply these five basic aids for good health, it will do us more than good.

5 Basic Aids For Good Health

1. Sufficient Rest and Relaxation.

Naturally, many persons just know how to relax and understand when and how to take sufficient rest. However, some again, need to work at these things.

It could as a result of their body make-up, such as being slim, or because of being naturally intense, nervous type, or due to a mistaken sense of duty.

Lack of relaxation and sufficient rest may occur because of materialism, trying to get rich by all means or because of pursuing pleasures too eagerly.


It is very possible that one can learn to relax, if he or she will, but you must work at it. Try to learn to work at a steady pace. Never think you must be going full speed all the time.

Have you ever wondered why musicians must succeeds at their work? They learn to relax, if they would perform at their very best, without excess stress or fatigue.

Other forms of activity involving the heart, mind and muscle requires sufficient rest and relaxation. And that goes for activities like driving. When driving an automobile, it is important to be physically relaxed and mentally alert.

Relaxation is important to enable mental and emotional balance. What is the key to a relaxation and sufficient rest? Self-control.

2. Sleep

Rest and sleep are not the same. Sufficient time for rest and having the right kind of recreation is important.

To have good health, do not neglect sleep. However, some persons obviously need more sleep than do others, even as children usually need more sleep than do adults, and women more than do men.

Many factors can cause lack of sleep, such as anxiety, feelings of guilt and frustrations. If you clear house if these, no doubt you will enjoy good and sound sleep.

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Perhaps new sounds disturb you, please relax. In time, you can get use to the sounds, if you make it a point to do so, hence enabling you to sleep in spite of them. You can endure what can’t be cured.

Make it a habit to slow down in the evening before bedtime. Most people have found orange juice or hot grape juice and warm milk helpful.

To improve the quality of your health, you must put an earnest effort.

Eat an athletic diet, if possible eliminate sweets, starches and inessential foods. A person who lives on cigarettes, coffee, nerves and inertia should not expect perfect sleep.

3. Regular Exercise.

Regular exercise is essential for everyone, but especially should those whose jobs require only sitting, not moving from place to place and those who are overweight make it a point to get some exercise.

exercise regularly

There should be a certain degree of regularity for the exercise to be beneficial. Some make it a point to get up a few minutes earlier each day to exercise. Others, remind themselves of it in various ways to have a routine.

There are many forms of exercise that can benefit both the nerves and muscles. Examples are, swinging dumbbells, push-ups, jogging, running, taking a walk, and climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, etc.

Exercises tend to strengthen the lung and heart. Of course, one does not want to go extremes.

4. Good Mental and Emotional Habits

The effect of the mind and the emotions must be taken into consideration if one would continue to enjoy good health.

A cheerful heart is the best medicine to the body. There are many beneficial emotions such as self-control, faith, kindness, patient, long-suffering, mildness, peace and joy- important to the health.


5. Sensible Eating Habits.

Self-control at the table is important. How can you achieve it?

First of all, Convince yourself that it pays to do so. You can give it a try for a month and note the difference in how you feel. Some persons find it helpful to cut down on the number of different foods they eat at one meal.


Many find it advantageous to eliminate rich desserts, preferring fruit as a dessert. If you are invited to a party, be cautious and eat slowly and so be more likely to avoid overeating. You can skip the next meal, if you find out you may have eaten too much.

Eating Rules

Today, over-nutrition seems to be the problem, not eating large quantities. Many found it important and helpful to limit themselves to fruit or fruit juices one meal a day.

Sensible eating habits involve getting enough vitamins, vegetables, tomatoes, apples, onions and minerals.

Leaf vegetables have a high nutritional value, rich in iron, vitamins and minerals. They also fight against anemia and neutralizes the acids in the blood and by their effect on the kidneys stimulate the elimination of waste.


Giving thought to maintaining good health is very important. Those with a real mission in life should make the best possible use of their time, physical and mental powers.

Give undivided attention to the five aids for good health: sufficient rest and relaxation; sleep; regular exercise; good mental and physical habits; and sensible eating habits.

If you do so, it will help you to understand the sweet feeling of true physical well-being and help you to carry out your mission in life.


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