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6 Things women must do to keep their marriage

Today, many marriages are in shambles. Many promises are made on the wedding day. For example, “ I will love you forever”, “Nothing can separate us till death do us part”, etc.

Let’s discuss the roles women or wives can play to make their marriage work.

This article focuses only on women. It is said that the home belongs to the women. The point?

Women have a vital role to play, to increase the chances and possibility of the marriage working out and be successful.

True, many women are really trying to ensure a successful Marriage. They give it their all. Many of them have made sacrifices just to keep their marriage.

Such determined women must be applauded!

On the other hand, many women have caused havoc, brought shame and disgrace to their marriage. They do not care at all.

At this point let’s discuss what women can do to strengthen their marriage and the vital roles they can play.

The roles women should play.

1. Always respect your husband.

It is said that respect is reciprocal. That is very true. But, what if your husband in turn do not respect you by his words and actions?

Don’t stop. Continue to respect him. He deserves it. Just continue playing your part.

You may wonder, what is respect?

Respect simply means to have a high regard or to esteem an individual. Show him consideration.

If you respect someone, you show it by your words and actions. How?

You will always obey him. Even if he raises his voice at you, you can respect him by not retaliating. Paying evil for evil  doesnt doesn’t pays!

Don’t follow up with the movies shown at the media. In movies, disrespect is often noted. Women are full of authority. They throw back hurtful words at their mates.

Don’t imitate such lifestyle. If you do, you are only digging your grave.

2. Be submissive.

It means to submit yourself to your husband. You recognize that you have a head, and that is your husband. He has considerable authority over you.

You can’t change that. It is easier to be submissive to your husband because of the following factors:

1. He is rich.

2. The man takes care of you.

3. He fulfills your basic needs.

On the other hand, imagine your husband is poor or is not privilege to have much pay as others or your neighbor do, what will you do?

Run away, or decide to make life a hell for him by not being submissive? No!

Your submission to your husband should not be conditional. You love him not the cash. Am not saying that money can not play a role in the marriage. No!

We need cash to buy food, to get what we really need.

Think about this, no situation is permanent. Your husband is poor today and can be rich tomorrow. That is a fact.

Do you know the future? Can you tell what will become of him tomorrow? Don’t judge a book by its cover!

3. Support his decisions.

Don’t belittle him. A good wife won’t manipulate her husband nor try to take up his position. You challenge him in the presence of the children. No!

Cooperate with him. Be supportive. When you do not like his decision, you can respectfully express your views or thoughts, but remain submissive.

Your conduct can keep the marriage going. Don’t dwell on the negative sides or fault of your husband.

4. Speaks well of him in the public.

Don’t disagree with him or questioning his opinion in front of the children. A wise woman builds her home. A foolish woman tears it down.

Make your home pleasant and comfortable place for the entire family.

5. Use your tongue well.

Avoid debating. You can control what comes out from your mouth. Once it is out, you can not control it. So watch how and what you say to your husband. It matters a lot.

Don’t compete with your husband. He is not your competitor.

6. Never be lazy.

Clean the home. Cook for the family. Before he returns from work, the food must be ready.


Be an exemplary housewife. Support and cooperate with him. Manage your household properly. Submission pays. Respect him both in private and public. Then, you will earn the praise of your husband.

Subjecting to your husband may not be easy, but it pays a lot!

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