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7 Qualities of a good woman to marry and best time to marry

She must be mental and spiritual.

Marriage is not school  of play. How old should a person be before considering marriage? It would not be the course of wisdom to make rules on this score. However, the person must be very mature-the kind of maturity needed by those entering married life.

Must be peaceable

Does she promote peaceful relations with others? Find out what her neighbors, family and  friends say about her, especially her behavior toward others. How does she interact with her family? Is she at peace with people. Does she easily gets angry, given to fits of anger and abusive speech, even contentious? Is she respectful?

Manage the weaknesses of others

The woman you want to marry must be long-suffering, able to put up with the weaknesses of people around her, for example, her father or mother, brother or sister. Please find out if she is short-tempered and prone to anger and if she displays self-control. Is temperamental, even violent?

Show kindness to others


Do you find that she shows kindness to others while dealings with them, being mild and doing good to them? Is she genuinely concerned about the welfare of others, or is she self-centered, a busybody? Is she known to be selfish, egotistical, lacking in self-control, apt to fly off at others with the least provocation?

Genuine love for others

A woman having genuine love for others would make sacrifice for them, ready to help. Ready to do out of her way, giving of herself and resources, just to bring happiness to others.

Ask about other sensitive questions

A man might ask, “Does this woman display love and respect for God? Is she capable of caring for a home? What will her family expect of her? Is she wise, industrious, thrifty?

A Lazy Woman

What does she talk about? Is she trustworthy? Is she willing to submit to headship, or is she stubborn, perhaps even rebellious?”


Do not forget that you are dealing with an imperfect human, not some idealized hero Everyone, like you, has shortcomings, and some of these will have to be overlooked—both yours and those of your prospective partner.

Further, a perceived weakness can present an opportunity to grow. For example, suppose during your courtship you have an argument.

Consider this: Even people who love and respect each other disagree at times. Could it be that both of you simply need to ‘restrain your spirit’ a little more and learn how to settle matters more peacefully? Does your prospective mate show a desire to improve? Do you? Could you learn to be less sensitive, less touchy?  Learning to resolve problems can establish a pattern of honest communication that is essential if the two of you do get married.

What, though, if you notice things that trouble you deeply? Such doubts should be considered carefully. However romantic you may feel or however anxious you may be to get married, do not close your eyes to serious faults. If you have a relationship with someone about whom you have serious reservations, it is wise to discontinue the relationship and to refrain from making a lasting commitment to that person


The point of the matter is that time changes a person’s outlook on values. Therefore, do not rush into marriage at young age, for  marriage requires a matured mind. Never compare yourself with others. It may not be possible to persuade two very young persons to wait for some time to pass before entering into a marriage.

Please think seriously about life, about being spiritually, emotionally, and mentally prepared for marriage before entering into a lifetime contract with another individual for better or for worse.
This is not to say that marrying when one is older prevent problems in marriage. There can be problems then as well, especially if the attitude of selfishness is allowed to creep in and drive a wedge between two people. The mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of each one in the marriage bond must be taken into consideration.



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