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7 Top Reasons You Must Read Aloud To Your Children

“ My daughter came to me, crawled upon my lap behind a dog-eared book of pages rubbed with butter and suggested….., and she said: Help me read it, Mummy; help me read it.”

We are talking about CHILDREN– they learn so quickly. Why do children learn so fast? What role can parents play? What are the benefits when children cultivate the habit of reading?

Why Do Children Learn Fast?

(Reports) indicates that rapid brain development occurs in children younger than 3 years of age.

Daily reading and singing with your children can play a vital role in your child’s healthy development. It helps children to learn fast.

Happily, it has been observed that only about half of all parents of children between the ages of 2 and 8 daily reads to their children.

The question is, does it make any difference to my child, when I read to him? Let’s find out.

Benefits Of Reading Aloud To Your Children.


1. Reading to your children builds his or her knowledge that will enable him to succeed in life.

The success can be achieved if parents reads aloud to their children.

Important to do so during the preschool years as advised by educationist.

2. The children will cultivate a lifelong desire to be readers.

Every time you read to your child, you are sending a sweet message to the child’s brain.

At that point, you are trying to train and condition the child to view reading books as an activity that is sweet, or nice to do. An activity that is never boring.

3. You are sharing with them a special gift.


Parents who buy out time to read aloud to their children, are giving them a special and valuable gift.

The gift is knowledge of places, people and other nice things. Right at home, through the pages of the books, they can travel the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Think about the example of Gregory, whose father has read to him since birth. His first visit to the zoo was when his father read to him and showed him how a zoo look like.

Although Gregory, was seeing lions, giraffes, zebras and other animals in the flesh for the first time, he had already been introduced to these beautiful creatures.

No doubt, reading aloud to your children when they are young, can assist them to understand the world they live in.

4. It draws you closer to your children.

They will develop close relationship with their you. All parent love to have or create a fine relationship with their children.

Such relationship in time will be marked by mutual respect, confidence and understanding. No doubt, reading to your children can create a good relationship between you and your kids.

Such relationship, will assist them to always confide in you. You will become their best friend and confidant.

Taking the time to hold your children in their arms and read to them, sends a message to them. And that is: “You are telling your son, I love u my boy/daughter. You are the best”.

The environment out there can be misleading. It can corrupt one’s good attitude. The school, neighborhood can affect our children negatively.

Your children can easily run to you when they feel threatened or bordered on a particular issue. This can happen as a result of a close bond between parent and child.

4. It instills good moral values.

Our children daily are exposed to social media, television etc.

Today, the garbage from television and other sources, including social media has greatly influenced the thinking of our children. What is good is bad to them and vice-versa. They no longer have moral values. Many have brought disgrace to their parents.

Parents are in the best position to train, provide a wholesome and positive influence on their children.

Reading from good books with nice stories or subjects can encourage good values and morals.

5. Able to express themselves.

Reading to your kids, exposing them to well-structured and complex sentences found in books can assist them to express themselves well both in writing and speaking.

6. Children can develop Problem-solving skills.

Reading aloud with children can train their heart and mind. As you read aloud, notice their reactions and attitudes to situations presented in stories.

7. It improves their behavior at young age.



Make the reading interesting.

Bedtime stories can be effective. However, as you read aloud with your children, keep pace with the flow of the text. Give thought to your voice modulation and sense stress.

Be warmth in your voice as it can instill a feeling of security in your child.

Don’t lecture your child. Pause for a while and ask open-ended questions.

Note: Make good use of good books. Ensure the books in question are interesting, instructive and has a good moral to the story. Give attention to the cover, artwork and the general style.

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