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Why Should I Be Punctual?

Who of us likes to be kept waiting?  Many who appreciate the value of punctuality struggle with lateness themselves. More insight will be shed on this topic.

Why is punctuality Important?

Some have found that arriving at appointments a bit ahead of time actually reduces stress. Failure to be on time can cause difficulties for the latecomers as well as for any who are forced to to wait on them. Punctuality also enhances a person’s reputation. How so?

Punctuality shows you are  competent.

When you are on time, it shows that you try to be in control of your life instead of allowing circumstances to prevent you from doing the things you want to do.

Your efforts at punctuality will result in your being not just on time but early for many appointments and activities. It shows you have the ability to do something successfully and efficiently.

Punctuality suggests one can depend on you.

In society where promises are often broken and commitments frequently ignored, people appreciate those who stick to their word. Dependable people earn respectful from friends and family. Employers value those who arrive on time for work and meet deadlines. Dependable workers may even be rewarded with a higher salary and greater trust.

When two people or parties agree to meet at a specific time and place, it is decent and proper for them to be punctual. Farmers plant crop at the right time, on time in order to yield possible harvest.

In other words, the farmer’s punctuality yield good results. It shows respect for others and their precious time. By contrast, those who constantly make others wait could in effect be stealing their time. Being punctual shows you consider the interest of others.

Why Many Not Punctual?

Sometimes there are hidden motives behind lateness- that of avoiding unpleasant activities, showing one’s own importance, getting attention, or avoid the need to wait for others.

Yes, last minute excitement- though unpleasant- can actually serve the purpose of providing needed stimulation. If you suspect that you may be “addicted” to this kind of excitement, how can you overcome it?

Dr Scott suggests: “Stimulation is a basic need, one we all share. It doesn’t below lack of maturity to seek it. Healthy human beings recognize the need. They learn how to take care of it productively.

In other words, look over your weekly plans. Have you included some positive activities to fill your own need for excitement or stimulation? Or is your schedule one list of monotonous, mediocre routines?

Nobody had complete control over his activities, but if you make it a point to provide stimulation where you can, you may more easily tolerate the routine aspects of life without having to resort to lateness to provide enjoyment or excitement.

What Can You Do To Be Punctual?

Planning is the key. If you find that you are regularly late for appointments, perhaps your schedule is too full. Why not cut nonessential time wasters?

Schedule more time between appointments, and aim to arrive early. This will allow for unexpected circumstances, such as traffic congestion or bad weather. Experts suggest, we should aim to arrive well ahead of time rather than being there just on time.

Modesty will help you know your limitations. Decide whether an appointment or deadline will realistically fit your schedule before agreeing to it. By over-booking, you add stress and frustration to yourself and to others!

In conclusion,give priority to the most important tasks. For example, while using public transport or waiting for others, take advantage of the time by catching up on reading or by planning the rest of the day.

Have some ideas ready, so you can give yourself an enjoyable reward whenever you are early!



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