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9 Best Ways To Promote Good Relationships

Everyone desires a good relationship with others. But, there are many things you can do, to keep the relationship alive. They are as follows:

1. Resist letting others make us angry.

We live in a pressure-filled world, encountering angry people. And you can’t avoid them. It’s important we display a mild temper and deep respect.

2. Speak graciously!

Anywhere we are, it is imperative to let our words be seasoned with graciousness. Whether we are dealing with friends, family and neighbors, we should let our utterance be always tasteful.

Appropriate speech is essential to good communication, peace and hence promoting good relationships.

3. Good communication.

Good communication simply not mean expressing everything you are feeling and thinking at any given moment.

Uncontrolled expression of anger is a mark of weakness, not of strength.

4. Discreet in your speech.

What does discretion in your speech means? It means using your words to heal rather than to hurt.

Discretion does not mean, never expressing oneself.

5. Self-control

Uncontrolled anger can cause serious damage to our own and other’s emotional, physical and spiritual health.

It will be wise to consider the consequences of our words, before, speaking even when angry. Ridicule, contempt, abusive speech and hateful wrath are wrong. They can scatter precious relationships with other people.

If someone angers you, please get your own emotions under control. Take immediate steps needed to settle the matter.

The problem will continue to trouble you, if it is not address kindly. Speak with the person about the matter with the goal of reconciliation.

6. Get your emotions under control before approaching others.

Be careful in selecting the right time to talk the problems out with the other party. Meditate before speaking. Be slow in talking. Quick to listen.

If you are still upset while you try resolving the issue, it will only make the matter worse. However, do not wait too long to settle the matter.

7. Show acts of kindness.

Always look for opportunities to extend hospitality, giving a present or gift wholeheartedly. Doing so, can contribute to open communication, making it easier to talk things out.

8. Avoid angry confrontations.

Imagine you find yourself in a tense situation, it may help to leave the scene, hence giving your emotions time to be calm.

If the one with whom you are speaking starts to get angry, make an extra effort to speak graciously.

Being aggressive in your remarks won’t solve the Problem, rather it will add fuel to the fire even if it is uttered in a gentle voice. If someone angered you, try controlling your mood.

9. Forgive from the heart.

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, none of us is said to have a perfect control of the tongue.

Many a time, our friends, family members and neighbors may say things to hurt us, though, they may not intentionally want to hurt us. If you find yourself in such a tense situation, what can you do?

Do not quickly take offense. Why not patiently analyze why they may have said what they did? Perhaps, it could be, they were under pressure, not feeling well, fearful or struggling with some internal or external problem.

In one way or the other, we have said and done things that hurt others. We hope that they will freely forgive us too.

The point is, make it your goal to apologize quickly and to forgive without hesitation. Developing such attitude helps to promote good relationships.


Make it your determination to promote peaceful relationships. Select an appropriate time to discuss Problems. Try avoiding hurtful things. Be forgiving. Let your emotions settle and find a good time to talk, hence resolving the disputes.

We will enjoy more peaceful relations with others, if we apply the above suggestion.



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