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8 Lasting Keys To A Successful Marriage.

You might wonder if it is possible for two different individuals from diverse background to live together happily as husband and wife?

In this article, we will consider eight main factors that can leads to happy marriage.

1. Love: Am not talking about personal affection for someone or the kind of love that truly exists between close friends.

Am talking about romantic love. The way you view your friends should be different from the way you see your mate.

Your love for your parents and friends is absolutely different from your spouse. The love for your mate is unconditional. It should keep burning inside of you. Never let it die.

2. Forgive and forget:  No doubt, love and forgiveness work together.

A husband and his wife should be two good forgivers. Imagine that a husband slap his wife. Feeling guilty, he went down on his knees, asking for forgiveness. He invited his to accompany him to plead.

What’s the point? Truly, the husband loves his wife but do not respect the wife. If he really respect his wife, he won’t raise his hand on her.

One thing is to forgive, another is to forget. We are imperfect. Learn to forget the past. Focus on the future. Who does not make mistakes?

Don’t allow his or her mistakes destroy the union you both have built over the years. Just let it go.

You can’t change what was said. But, you can control how you will react to what was said by your mate.

The point is, keep forgiving and forgetting each other mistakes. Then, your marriage will bloom.

3. Keep enduring: There will always be quarrels, problems in the marriage. No marriage today, is perfect!

It could be, you discover a particular trait or character from your spouse. It’s shocking. Many times you have tried to correct her, up to no avail. Just keep trying.

For example, you just notice your husband easily gets angry. You did not notice such character in him during courtship. What will you do now? Leave the marriage? Or keep assisting him to be mild tempered?

You can’t run away from your shadows. Face the problem. You can think of practical things to do to avoid him getting angry easily.

If you understand him, know his likes and dislikes, you can assist him. For example, your husband is a very neat person. One day, he comes back home from work. He noticed that the house is unkept and untidy. He vents his anger on you upon seeing the condition of the house.

Whose fault? Of course, he shouldn’t have overreacted that way.

Throughout the day, many things could have happened, that might hinder her cleaning up the house before the husband arrival.

However, we can also blame the woman. Why? The next paragraph will discuss it.

4. Understand your partner: When a couple understand each other, it reduces the problems at home.

Try to understand what might trigger your mate getting angry. Study him or her. The truth is, learning about each other  is a continuous process. Don’t think or conclude “I know my wife or my husband”.

5. Study the Bible together: Now you are married, why not read the Bible together. Everyday it should be done. God, in your marriage is like a rope that ties two sticks together.

6. Pray together: Hold each other hands while praying. You will feel the closeness, the bond. You are telling the originator of the marriage, Jehovah God, that you want him to bless your marriage. And he is eager to do so.

7. Honor your mates: If you want to honor someone, you will be kind and respectful to that one’s dignity. You will always appreciate his or her expressed views. The readiness to to anything for him or her will be there.

The point is, don’t interrupt while your mate is talking. Honor each other’s comment.

Husbands, do you know that failure to honor your wife can make God not to answer your prayers?  That is the fact!

8. Don’t be selfish: Don’t try to please yourself. Focus on the interest of your mates. Don’t say “this is how I want it”.

Don’t use the word, ‘me’ but use ‘us’ or ‘we’. Consider what is best for your spouse. Think about how to please him or her.


If husbands and wives follow the above advice, it will strengthen their marriages.

Keep loving each other. Respect each other. Be truly forgiving. Honor each other, study the Bible together and be prayerful. Be intimate with each other!





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