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Recommended! 8 Danger Signs In A Relationship You Should Know

Be Wise! 8 Danger Signs In A Relationship

Four months into the relationship, both of us were saying that it felt so right. We talked about spending the rest of our lives together as if it were just a given.”—Tracy
“I had a huge crush on him, and then a couple of years later, he actually started noticing me! I liked having an older boyfriend who would watch out for me.”—Kate.

However, in time, both Tracy and Kate broke up with their boyfriends. Why? Were they foolish for giving up such great guys?

Perhaps, you have been dating for nearly a year. At first, you were sure that he was “the right one.” At times, you can even resurrect the romantic feelings that characterized the onset of your relationship. But now you’re having second thoughts. Should you ignore those thoughts? How can you know if you should break up?

Things You Should Know

First, you need to face a plain truth: Disregarding danger signs in a relationship is like ignoring the warning signals on your car’s dashboard. The problem will not go away; likely it will only get worse. What are some of the danger signs in a relationship that you would do well to heed? Let’s consider 8 danger signs in a relationship as seen below

8 Danger Signs In A Relationship

#He or She has no intention of marriage.

danger signs in a relationship
A Flirter

Dating has an honorable target—to help a young man and woman determine if they want to get married to each other. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to make wedding plans the moment you start dating.

In fact, many people do not end up marrying the first person they date. At the same time, a person shouldn’t date if he or she isn’t ready to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage.

#Things are moving too fast.

danger signs in a relationship
Romance moves, too quickly

Problems can arise when a romance moves too quickly. “We were e-mailing, chatting online, talking on the phone,” Carol recalls. “Those methods of communication can be more powerful than face-to-face because you can get way more personal, way too fast!”

Don’t rob yourselves of the chance to get to know each other. A relationship should not be like a weed that sprouts up fast and then withers. Rather, it should be like a precious plant that takes time to grow.

#He’s secretive about our relationship.

danger signs in a relationship
Secret Dating

“My boyfriend didn’t want others to know that we were dating,” recalls Angela. “He was even upset when my dad found out!”

Of course, there may be valid reasons for a couple to maintain a measure of privacy. But secrecy—a deliberate attempt to keep the relationship hidden from those who have a right to know about it—spells trouble.

#He’s critical and demeaning.

danger signs in a relationship
demeaning behavior

“My boyfriend was always putting me down,” says a girl named Angelina, “but I wanted to be with him so badly.” She adds, “I tolerated situations that I never dreamed I would have allowed!”  Demeaning words—even if they are delivered calmly and quietly—have no place in a loving relationship.

#He pressures me for love play and lack self-control.

“If you love me, you’ll do it.” “We need to take our relationship to the next level.” He tries to manipulate and pressure you in doing what is meant for married couples.

Unplanned Pregnancy

It pays to be chaste, to avoid unexpected pregnancy and guilt etc. You deserve a boyfriend who is morally clean and who respects your chaste emotional boundaries. Don’t settle for anything less. A person with little self-control is hardly ready for dating.

#He’s got a volatile temper.

danger signs in a relationship
Anger in a relationship

A man of discernment is cool of spirit. Becky found that her boyfriend had problems in this regard. “When we had disagreements, he would shove me,” she says, “and at times I ended up with bruises.” He should learn to control his anger. Avoid debates and bitterness. Settle down for someone who tends to be mild and does not easily get provoked.

#Our relationship is on-again, off-again.

Not that the two of you will always agree. But a relationship that constantly fluctuates…. between breaking up and making up, could indicate that something deeper needs to be addressed.

danger signs in a relationship
Off and On Relationship

Angelina came to realize. “The many times I broke up with my boyfriend brought me so much heartache!” she says. “I kept going back to fix a relationship that I would have done better without.

#Others have warned me about him.

danger signs in a relationship
Others warn me about the relationship

Get all the advice you can, and you will succeed. “You can’t ignore what your family and longtime friends think, any more than you can ignore those little alarm bells that ring in your head,” says Jessica. “The more you ignore what others are saying, the harder you’re making it on yourself.”

Final Thoughts- Be wise! Watch out for the danger signs in a relationship

If you notice some of the danger signs in your relationship as mentioned above, you can make decision. Please, if you love these article, feel free to comment below and subscribe to my site for further articles.




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