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Benefits Of Listening To Music And Effects Of Loud Music

MUSIC is a powerful gift. It has power. It is a language that connects the heart and mind. It is common to all tribes and cultures, both past and present. Everyone loves music. Perhaps, as at the time we were young, we may have cultivate a likeness for a particular music that touches our heart.

What are the benefits of listening to music?

Calms our spirit.

MUSIC can calm us in times of distress, thus lifting our spirits. It helps our tissues to relax, in turn helps reducing pain.

Improves a person’s mood

improves mood

Listening to music can improve one’s mood. Patients who suffer from stress are encouraged to listen to cool and soft music. Why? Simply put, music can do wonders, improving one’s mood. Do you know that most hospitals even pipe music into intensive care units? They understand the power of music.

Reduces stress


Listening to soothing music creates significant reductions in stress hormone levels.

Helps expectant mother

pregnant woman feeling good as she listens to music

It relieves pain at birth delivery. During birth delivery, the expectant mothers feel less pain and safe while listening to music.

Brings peace to the mind

Brings peace to the mind. Soft, calm music can soothe a person and producing a feeling of peace, calming the spirit.

Makes you happy

Young woman listening to headphones joyfully

Music inspires you, enabling you to experience an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.

Helps one to meditate


Music can incite one to meditate. Such meditation can be a serious and thoughtful one.

Motivate one to action

Paying attention to music can move one to action.

Reduce anxiety

Reduces anxiety

Music can decrease the level of anxiety and depression.

Activate the brain

Music activates the brain

Music plays a vital role in activating the brain networks. It keeps the memory regions active. It triggers the auditory cortex in the temporal lobes close to your hearts.

Improves exercise

listening to music and exercise

Research indicates that music boost the physical performance. Listening to music moves one to dance, hence exercising the body.

Practice and sing!

Practice and sing

You may say, ‘I’m not a music person.’ Why not reflect for a moment on your voice. Almost everyone can make music to some extent, with or without other instruments. All you have to do is open your mouth and sing. And when you do, never mind if your voice will not win you any cheers or prizes. Practice, and you should improve.

Be Selective

Truly music can exert a powerful influence on the heart. Hence, we should be selective. In todays world, there  are a lot of beautiful melodies that make ugly lyrics appear sweet to hear, but in reality, they promote hatred, immorality, or brutal—themes that no person of principle would find entertaining. More importantly, guard your heart. Your choice of music should be taken seriously!

Avoid excessive loud music

Lengthy overexposure to excessive loud  music can cause hearing loss, epilepsy in sensitive persons, dizziness. It can affect how the brain processes speech patterns. Prolonged exposure to very loud music can trigger the cardiac system. 

Loud noise can damage hair cells, found within our hearing organ. It can cause changes in blood pressure and uncontrollable movements of the eye. Moreover, coping with anxieties becomes more difficult

Final Thoughts

It pays to listen to cool and relaxed music. The benefits are huge. From your mobile phones and computer, you can download nice sounds. Practice and sing, if possible, do so aloud and you will not regret it.






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