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Best Practical Parenting Tips For Raising Moral Kids

The world is becoming unsafe for our children as regards to morals. So, how can your children learn to protect themselves from this world’s increasing immorality? Where can they get the best guidance or advice?

  • From social media?
  • From the television?
  • From group of youths?
  • From teachers?
  • From schools?
  • From neighbors?

If education in morals and family life is to be successful, it has to begin at home. As one concerned high-school teacher said: “Someone has to have the courage to say: ‘Look, kids, it won’t hurt you to wait!’”
Have you taught your children that? In view of the barrage of unclean material that surrounds us, do you sometimes wonder if you even know how to teach them?

                                                                  The Effect of Your Example
Just as your parents influenced your life by the way they lived, so your example powerfully affects the lives of your children. It reveals a great deal about how much you love them and about the kind of people you want them to be.

show good example

If you were a virgin when you married, you can let your children know how happy that made you. A grandfather remembers the day, nearly 60 years ago, when his own father told him what a delight it had been to marry, knowing that he had not engaged in any immoral conduct that could ever be brought up to taint his marriage.

That conversation strongly influenced the way this grandfather lived his life, and he believes his own example has powerfully affected the lives of his children.

If, however, your children know that your early life was not exemplary, you should be sure that they know why you changed. It is not just that you are older but that you have found a higher set of standards by which to live.

                                                                                   Quality Listening
Successful parents often comment on how much time they spend listening to their children. They know what is going on in their children’s lives. Karen made a point of working in the kitchen in the afternoons. In this way, when her daughters came home, they could talk with her about what had happened in school during the day.



Erline used to wait for her daughters when they came home at night and listen to them relate all they had done. “If something needed correcting,” she said, “I could take care of that later. But I would never have known about it if I hadn’t listened.” She kept this communication open through her daughters’ school years and through their courtships. Such time spent with your children can save many heartaches later on.

But what if your children are not very talkative? If they aren’t, you might ask yourself, ‘Are they merely quiet by nature, or are they afraid to reveal matters to me because of the way I reacted in the past? Can I rebuild their confidence by making special efforts now to show my interest in them? Can I make it easier for them to bring up small things now and perhaps more serious ones later?’

                                                                             Important Warnings
Your children need to be warned about the consequences of immorality. They should know, for example,  that unwanted pregnancies and bad transmitted diseases often result.

warn your kids lovingly
warn your kids lovingly

Many young people seem convinced that terrible problems will never happen to them. However, transmitted diseases, including AIDS, can be communicated by people who as yet have no symptoms and who do not know that they are infecting others. Many such diseases that are plaguing young people today can cause infertility, birth defects, cancer, and even death.

As an example, 40 million Americans are now believed to have just one of these diseases, genital herpes, for which there is no known cure. Infected mothers can pass it on to their babies. These innocent children may then become mentally retarded, suffer permanent damage to their central nervous system, or die of severe infections of their internal organs. What a horrible price to pay for a few brief moments of hoped-for pleasure!

                                                                    FINAL THOUGHTS

Parents need to emphasize to their children that only husband and wife have the right to enjoy intimacy and love play. Teach your child godly principles, live a good example, always spend time with them.

Keep the lines of communication open. Warn them beforehand. Help them understand the value of being chaste till they get married. Lovingly assist them to evaluate the consequences of being immoral.
How important it will be if parent follow the above parenting tips, and if you do, you wont regret it. Please comment below if you like this article.



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