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Mental health: 94% of colleges report suicide attempts

EXCLUSIVE: The Association of Colleges urges further education providers to engage with local suicide prevention plans.

Mental health: 94 per cent of colleges report student suicide attempts

Around 94 per cent of colleges in England had a student attempt suicide in the last year, a new survey reveals.

The Association of Colleges’ Mental Health and Colleges report, shared exclusively with Tes, shows that the mean number of attempted suicides per college was 12 – with the number of attempts ranging between one and 44 across those colleges that responded.

Just 6 per cent of the 107 colleges surveyed stated that they were aware of no attempted suicides in the past 12 months. 

College students in Scotland fall by 26,000

Student numbers dropped most significantly during first Covid lockdown, says Scottish Funding Council.

The number of college students in Scotland has fallen by 26,000

The number of students at Scotland’s colleges fell by almost 26,000 last year, according to figures released by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

There were 239,004 students enrolled at a college for the 2019-2020 academic year, down from 264,858 the previous year.

Since the start of the decade, the number of college students has fallen by more than a fifth (21.9 per cent) – a decrease of 66,965 from the 305,969 who were studying in 2010-2011.

The SFC said student numbers dropped most significantly during April and May last year when Scotland was put into lockdown in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Its latest college statistics report also cites a 13.6 per cent decrease in the number of 18- to 19-year-olds in the Scottish population, but suggests attendances have “remained stable”, with 20.9 per cent of them studying at college full-time.

Enrolments on short courses – those under 10 hours – had decreased by 37.8 per cent since 2018-19.

Spying Webcams

breaking news

German police recently arrested a man who is accused of accessing the rooms of dozens of young girls by using their Webcams. The hacker is said to have cracked a poorly chosen password of one Internet account, making it possible for him to access contact information for several people.

It is alleged that he used the hijacked account to send malware (malicious software) disguised as a screen saver to female friends of his victim—which would enable him to control remotely the friends’ computers and use their Webcams at any time. It is said that when investigators raided the hacker’s apartment, he had three million images and “was simultaneously connected to the computers of 80 girls without their knowledge,” according to the Aachener Zeitung.

Police rescue deer trapped inside British Columbia house

Police in Kamloops, British Columbia, responded to a home in which a deer climbed in through a dog door and caused property damage while trying to find an exit. Photo courtesy of the Kamloops RCMPPolice in Kamloops, British Columbia, responded to a home in which a deer climbed in through a dog door and caused property damage while trying to find an exit. Photo courtesy of the Kamloops RCMP

Jan. 28 (UPI) — Police in British Columbia, Canada, responded to a home at which a deer managed to squeeze in through a dog door and was unable to find an exit.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police based in Kamloops said officers responded to a Westsyde home where a deer was reported rampaging inside.

Police said the deer had squeezed in through a dog door and was running wild inside, attempting to find a way out of the home.

The deer damaged a TV and other items before police were able to use a blanket to cover its head and slide it out of the home on a rug.

Police said the deer did not appear to be injured and it was released at the scene.

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Teaching Bad Drivers a Lesson

Authorities in India are trying new ways to deal with the worst traffic offenders by making them work as traffic police. The goal is to help drivers grasp what it means to manage the kind of chaos they cause. Now, instead of just pulling over offenders and fining them, police in Gurgaon, northwestern India, are also requiring drivers to join the constables in directing traffic for a half hour or more.

Some drivers admit that the lesson has changed their attitude. “We issue a thousand [fines] for traffic offences in Gurgaon every day,” says Bharti Arora, the local deputy commissioner of police. “We could have 1000 extra ‘constables’ every day.”


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