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Health Tips-9 Ideal Unique Facts You Should Know

9 Health Tips

1. Breast-Feeding Benefits

“There is simply no better food for newborns” than breast milk, writes neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta in Time magazine. “Breast-fed babies have lower rates of hospital admission, ear infection, diarrhea, rashes, allergies and other medical problems than bottle-fed tots.” Breast-feeding is also reported to protect against respiratory illnesses. A Danish study concluded that “adults who as babies were breast-fed for seven to nine months had higher IQs than those who were breast-fed for two weeks or less.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a child be nursed for six months and, if possible, for a year or more. “It turns out babies aren’t the only ones who benefit from breast-feeding,” says U.S.News & World Report. A study of 150,000 women in 30 countries revealed that “every year a woman breast-feeds she cuts her lifetime risk of developing breast cancer by 4.3 percent.” Yet, “only half of American mothers breast-feed, for an average of two to three months.”

2. Chocolate—Good for Health?

healthy tips
Eat chocolates

Chocolate is said by some to be good for your health, states the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun of Japan. Why? Because chocolate contains cocoa polyphenol, which helps to inhibit arteriosclerosis and cancer. Additionally, chocolate is said to be effective in balancing the immune system and helping the body to recover from stress.

Professor Hiroshige Itakura of Ibaraki Christian University says: “High quality chocolate that uses plenty of cocoa beans and very little sugar and oil is the most effective.” However, the professor also stressed the importance of eating “green and yellow vegetables and proteins containing the different kinds of polyphenol” that the body needs.

3. Drink plenty of fluids.

 healthy tips
Always drink water

Adults and children need to drink plenty of water and other unsweetened liquids every day. Drink more of these during hot weather and when doing heavy physical work and exercise. Such liquids aid digestion, cleanse your body of poisons, make for healthier skin, and promote weight loss. They help you to feel and look your best. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and too many sweetened drinks. One soft drink a day can add 15 pounds (6.8 kg) to your weight in a year.

In some lands, obtaining clean water can be hard work and is expensive. Yet, drinking it is vital. Tainted water needs to be boiled or chemically treated. Dirty water is said to kill more people than wars or earthquakes; it reportedly kills 4,000 children a day. For infants, the World Health Organization recommends only breast-feeding for the first six months, then breast-feeding plus some other foods until at least the age of two.

4. Staying Fit (Health Tips)

“Physical activity helps control weight, protects against health conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis, improves mood, and contributes to a better night’s sleep,” points out Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter. But besides all that, “your level of fitness is a powerful determinant of how long you will live.” In a 13-year study of more than 6,000 middle-aged men, researchers at Stanford University and the U.S.

Veterans Affairs Health Care System found that the amount of exercise a person could engage in without reaching exhaustion was a strong predictor of survival. Though other research indicates that genetics play a role in exercise capacity, even daily “low-intensity” exercise—such as brisk walking—is helpful in staying fit.

5. Advertising Alcohol to Youth

“Almost one in 10 young Australians are dependent on alcohol,” reports Australia’s Sunday Telegraph. Professor Ian Webster, president of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, says that a culture has developed among young people in which a good weekend is one spent “drinking to oblivion.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that some experts are disturbed by the “growing worldwide industry” of advertising alcohol to young people. Researchers found that most marketers of alcoholic drinks had Web sites that target young people. “These promoted tickets to live music, and included film reviews and, of course, product information.” According to the report, the World Health Organization is concerned that all this promotion “aims to ensure alcohol becomes an integral part of young people’s lives.

6. Eat Fruit Daily (Health Tips)

healthy tips
Eat Fruit Daily

Eating fresh fruit daily is associated with a reduction in the risk of heart disease, according to a 17-year study of 11,000 people, published in the British Medical Journal. Among those in the study who ate fresh fruit every day, there were 24 percent fewer deaths from heart attacks and 32 percent fewer deaths from strokes.

Of those who ate fruit daily, 21 percent fewer died compared with those who ate fruit less frequently. Diets lacking in fresh fruit may contribute to increases in vascular ailments such as stroke and heart disease in certain populations, notes a team of British and Spanish scientists. For the greatest health benefit, researchers now recommend eating at least five servings of vegetables and fruits a day. If fresh fruits and vegetables are unavailable, then frozen fruits and vegetables may provide similar benefits, according to the British Medical Journal.

7. Laughter—Still the Best Medicine!

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“A dose of comedy taken daily for four weeks has now been found to reduce significantly the symptoms of depression,” reports The Independent of London. “Some of the patients who were told to spend 30 minutes a day listening to therapeutic tapes of comedians were cured, while others found that the severity of their symptoms had been halved.”

More than 100 studies in the United States have indicated that laughter induced by humor can be beneficial. Not only people who are depressed but also those who had allergies, high blood pressure, weakened immune systems, and even cancer and rheumatoid arthritis have responded. Laughter has long been known to promote well-being, but just how is not clearly understood. Psychotherapist Dr. Ed Dunkleblau offers some cautionary advice though: Avoid abusive and sarcastic humor, and be careful about being too funny. Otherwise, the patient may feel that his problem is not being taken seriously.

8. Upbuilding Experiences Help to Keep One Healthy

“Grueling stress and emotional problems lower the body’s resilience, whereas joy and pleasure stimulate the immune system and strengthen the resistance to illness.” That is how the German newspaper the Nassauische Neue Presse summarizes the evidence gathered by the new science of psychoneuroimmunology.

Negative influences at work or at home weaken bodily resistance. On the other hand, according to Dr. Anton Mayr, a professor and microbiologist, positive emotions and experiences have a strengthening effect. Some examples he cited: “Faith, hope, love, trust, security, communication, positive stimulus in life, recreation—and the will to live and to be healthy.

9. Good Music Can Be Good Medicine

healthy tips
playing music

“Among the reasons for the existence of music in virtually every culture [is] its ability to elicit and maintain human health and well-being,” says the book Principles and Practice of Stress Management. When we are singing, notes another reference, our entire body resounds and vibrates. In turn, gentle vibrations help tissues relax and dilate, which may help to reduce pain.

Accordingly, some therapists encourage patients suffering from stress to listen to soothing music, which can also improve one’s mood. Some hospitals even pipe music into intensive care units. Premature babies as well as surgery patients often respond well to pleasant music. According to Principles and Practice of Stress Management, studies suggest that listening to relaxing music “produces significant reductions in stress hormone levels during surgery.”
Music may also reduce anxiety in pregnant women by promoting relaxation during labor and delivery. Dentists sometimes play soothing music to create a more relaxed atmosphere for tense patients.

The above health tips are proven and effective. Pls comment below if you love the article.



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