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How Can I Do Better In School To Improve My Grades? 5 Ways!

“Grades are everything to my parents. ‘What mark did you get on your English paper? What mark did you get on your math test?’ I hate that!”-13 year old David.


David is not alone in this situation. Many youths, like David, feel that their parents are exerting too much pressure on them to do better in their schoolwork, even to excel.

The truth is, these youths no doubt may face additional pressure in the classroom. Many youths observe and complained that a lot of teachers do not have enough patience.

These teachers want their students to remember things right away and if you don’t, they make you feel useless and stupid.

Young people who fail to live up to the expectations of parents and teachers are usually called underachievers.

Sincerely, virtually all students underachieve in school at some point. Why is it so? Because, laziness or an inability to learn is not always the reason.

Why Some Underachieve?

1.  Lack of interest or incentive leads to underachievement.

In all fairness, though, not all these youths are indifferent about learning. A particular subject might seem unappealing. There are some who have difficulty seeing the practical value of what they are learning.

2. The teacher’s pace.

If a teacher’s pace is too fast for you, you will become frustrated. If it is too slow, of course, you will become bored.

3. Peer pressure.

Peer pressure can also affect how well you do in school. If an intelligent academically capable student wants to be accepted by the non-academically-oriented peer group, he may feel compelled to underachieve.

peer pressure

Others can make fun of you, simply because you are working hard in school. If you are not careful, you can allow such hatred and fun to affect your studies, thus underachieve.

4. Growing up with a negative self image.

This can happen when a child is constantly bombarded with unkind nicknames, such as stupid or lazy. See, if you are told you are dumb and let yourself believe it, you will perform accordingly.

However, you can do better in school. Know that your parents and teachers are not trying to drive you crazy. They want the best for you.

How can I Do Better In School To Improve My Grades?

1.  Get motivated.


To get motivated, you need to see the purpose in what you are learning.

2. Increase your thinking ability.

Even if a subject seems to have little practical value, you can benefit from mastering it. At the very least, you can increase your thinking ability, something that will greatly benefit you in the long run.

3. Have a good study habits.

To benefit from the most from school, you will need a good study routine. Schedule sufficient time to cover an ample amount of material. However, allow yourself an occasional break so that you can refresh yourself.

If your study includes reading, first survey the material so that you get an overview of it.

Next, make up questions based on chapter titles or main headings.

Then read, looking for the answers as you do.

Finally, see if you can recite from memory what you have learned.

Relate what you learn to what you already know.

4. Keep good friends and maintain a positive attitude.

To help you keep a positive attitude, you have to choose the right kind of friends.

Sometimes, though, underachievement is related to one’s choice of friends. Do your friends encourage success, or are they themselves underachievers?

5. Discuss with your teachers.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your teacher personally about your goal to improve your grades. No doubt, your teacher will put extra effort to help you do so.


You can do better in school. It takes effort, motivation and learning.

Think about someone who plays a musical instrument. If he enjoys it, he plays more. The more he plays, the better he gets, which in turn increases his joy.lady joyfully plays guitar

The more we learn, the easier it is to learn even more.

Put more needed effort. Associate with people who will help you to excel and your activity will be rewarded.




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