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how can you make your marriage last

“How can you make your marriage last?” A COUPLE might ask. If a couple is to make their marriage last, it requires a lot of work on the part of the couple.

Let’s consider some few tips as seen below.

Having the right view of commitment.

The couple needs to have the right view of commitment. In novels and movies, a marriage often provides the happy ending that people crave. In real life, though, marriage is not an ending; it is a beginning—the start of something that Jehovah designed to last.

Sadly, that is not the common view in today’s world. In some cultures, people speak of marrying as “tying the knot.” They may not realize how aptly that illustration describes the common view of marriage. How so? While a good knot should hold fast as long as it is needed, another key requirement is that it can be tied and untied with ease.

View the marriage as a permanent union not temporary.

Many today see marriage as temporary. They enter into it readily enough because they think that it will suit their needs, but they expect to be able to get out of it as soon as it seems to be challenging.

Remember, cords or ropes made for sailing ships are designed to last, never to fray or unravel, even in the harshest storm. Likewise, marriage is designed to endure. Remember, “What God has yoked together, let no man put apart.” If you marry, you need to have the same view of marriage. Does that kind of commitment turn marriage into a burden? No. A husband and wife need to maintain the right view of each other.

Focus on the good qualities of each other.

If each one strives to focus on the good qualities and efforts of the other, the marriage will be a source of joy and refreshment. It is very possible and realistic to have such a positive view of an imperfect mate.

Deeply respect your husband.

By words and action show that you deeply respect your husband. A man is the head of the family. Humbly recognizing his role in the family will motivate you to deeply respect him.

A woman needs to understand the dignified role of the wife. Will she be willing to submit to “the law of her husband”? Her husband’s authority in the household represents another law. Can she be supportive and submissive when it comes to the authority of an imperfect man? If that prospect is not appealing, she does well to refrain from marrying.

Deeply love and honor your wife.

It will be easier for your husband to love and honor you, if you deeply respect him. However, failure on the part of your wife to actively play his role should not hinder you showing love to your mate.

To make your marriage last involves meditating on the roles that God has assigned to you as a husband A man needs to know what it means to be the head of a Christian household. This role is not a license to act as a tyrant.

Be sensitive to the needs of your mate.

Each mate needs to be ready to care for the special needs of the other. Note that the man has a special need to sense his wife’s deep respect for him. And the woman has a special need to feel loved by her husband.

Final note

Constructing a building may be expensive, but caring for its long-term maintenance is costly as well. It is similar with marriage. Getting married seems challenging enough; however, maintaining a marital relationship year after year must also be considered.

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