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How To Be A Good Father And Husband: 7 Best Ways

How to Be A Good Father And Husband

“Fatherhood turns out to be a complex and unique phenomenon with huge consequences for the emotional and intellectual growth of children,” says one journal on mental health.

What is the role of a father? In many families the father is seen primarily as the one who dispenses discipline. Many a mother has told a misbehaving child, ‘Just wait till your father gets home!’ To be sure, children need balanced discipline and a measure of firmness if they are to become well-adjusted adults. More, though, is involved in being a good father.

Sadly, not every father had a good example to help him. Some men were raised without a father in the home. But in other cases, men who were brought up by a rigid, austere father may tend to treat their children the same way. How can such a father break that mold and improve his parenting skills?

Being a good father is important not only for the physical and emotional welfare of your children but also for their spiritual well-being.

Let us now consider six things that children need from their father. In each case, we will examine how applying the following principles can help a father to fill those needs.

7 Impressive Ways On How To Be A Good Father And Husband

Children Need Their Father’s Love

Never be reluctant to tell your children that you love them. Kelvin, a father of five, says: “I have always tried to express my love for my children not only by telling them that I love them but also by showing a personal interest in each one of them. I shared in changing their diapers and in bathing them.” In addition, your children need to know that they have your approval.

how to be a good father and husband
father playing with his children

So do not be overly critical, constantly correcting them. Rather, be generous with praise. Andrew, who has two teenage girls, recommends, “A father should make a point of looking for opportunities to commend his children.” Knowing that they have your approval can help your children to have a healthy sense of self-worth. That, in turn, can help them to draw closer to God.

Children Need a Positive Example

If the father treats his wife with respect and dignity, his son may well grow up to treat women with dignity and respect. Not only are boys’ attitudes affected by their father’s example but girls’ views of men may be influenced by their father’s example.

Do your children find it difficult to apologize? Here again, example is important. Kelvin remembers an occasion when two of his boys broke an expensive camera. He got so angry that he pounded a wooden table and it split in two. Kelvin felt very bad afterward and apologized to all, including his wife, for having lost his temper. He feels that his apology had a positive effect on his children; they do not have any difficulty in saying that they are sorry.

Children Need a Happy Environment

Your children need a happy environment. Taking the time to play with your children can help to create such an environment. Playing together helps parent and child to bond.

how to be a good husband and father
father reading to his daughter

Felix agrees with that. He has a teenage son and says: “Setting aside time for recreation with my son has been very important to our relationship. We play games together, associate with friends, and visit enjoyable places. This has strengthened our sense of family togetherness.”

Children Need to Be Taught Spiritual Values

In God’s eyes, a father is responsible for educating his children morally and spiritually. One of your responsibilities as a father is to inculcate right principles into the hearts of your children. Such training should start from an early age.

It is important that parents show that they appreciate spiritual matters, since children are quick to note inconsistencies.” Carlos, who has three sons, comments: “We hold a weekly meeting to consider the family’s needs. Each member of the family has the opportunity to choose what will be discussed.”

Children Need Discipline

Children need discipline so that they can grow up to be productive and responsible adults. Some parents seem to think that disciplining their children involves severe treatment, including harsh threats or belittling insults. However, we do not associate parental discipline with harshness.

how to be a good father and husband
father disciplining his teenage son

Occasionally, punishment may be necessary. A child, though, should understand why he is being punished. Parental discipline should never leave a child feeling rejected. Severe beatings, which may even injure a child. Kelvin comments, “When I needed to correct my children about serious matters, I always tried to make it clear that my motive for correcting them was my love for them.”

Children Need to Be Protected

Children need to be protected from unwholesome influences and potentially harmful associates. Sadly, there are “wicked men” in this world who are bent on exploiting innocent children. How can you protect your children?  To shield your children from calamity, you must be alert to dangers.

A wise person sees danger ahead and run away. Anticipate situations that could lead to problems, and take due precautions. For example, if you allow your children access to the Internet, be sure that they know how to use it safely. It may be best to keep the computer in an open area where you can easily monitor its use.

A father needs to prepare and train his children for the dangers they may face in this abusive world. Do your children know what to do in case someone tries to take advantage of them when you are not present? Your children need to know the proper and improper use of their private body parts.

Kelvin comments: “I never left this training to others, not even their teachers. I felt that it was my personal responsibility to teach my children about the stages of child development and the danger of child molesters.” All his children safely reached adulthood and are now happily married.

The greatest gift

The greatest gift a father can give to his children is that of helping them to develop a solid personal relationship with God. The father’s example is of utmost importance.

Andrew says: “Fathers need to show how much they treasure their own relationship with God. This should become especially clear when they face personal problems or difficulties. On such occasions, the father shows how deeply he trusts in GOD. Family prayer, with repeated expressions of appreciation to God for His goodness, will teach children the importance of having God as their Friend.”


How to be a good father and husband depends on your efforts as seen above.  Please comment below if you love the article.






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