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How To Build A Good Marriage Relationship: 45 Unique Tips

To improve intimacy and build a good marriage relationship, the following unique tips will help as seen below:

45 Unique Tips For Building A Good Marriage

  1. Learn to confide in your spouse rather than in someone else.
  2.  Create some quality time each day, or at least weekly, without distractions, when you can pour out feelings and thoughts.
  3. Share small everyday happenings with each other.
  4. Regularly show affection in little things—giving a small but unanticipated present, doing a chore the other dislikes (without being asked), leaving a loving note in the lunch box, or giving an unexpected touch or hug.
  5. Even if disagreements become serious, refuse to give up on your marriage.
  6. Couples who wish to cultivate intimacy should pay attention to how they listen.
  7. Be getting and giving . . . [emotional] support to each other, that is, always give and take.
  8. Do not choose to suffer in silence, becoming, in effect, “great pretenders,” as if all is well in your marriage.
  9. Understand each other’s emotional needs adequately.
  10. Try to discern what is behind your mate’s actions or remarks. . Ask yourself: Why is he or she telling me this? What does he or she really want or need?
  11. Put extra effort—and time— to smooth matters over.
  12. When you make your wife feel precious, her hostility often melts.
  13. Be a good listener. A good listener has the capacity for making the other person feel that he is especially valued and what he is saying is of concern and significance.
  14. Men’s confusion and consequent lack of responsiveness to their wives’ emotional needs is both a cause and an effect of unhappiness in many marriages.
  15. An active listener gives his mate full attention and attempts to understand what that one is saying without interrupting, arguing, or changing the subject.
  16. Set a mutually acceptable time and place to talk.
  17. Pinpoint the issue and stick to it.
  18. Have attitude of problem solving, not winning.
  19. Be willing to compromise for the sake of your marriage.
  20. Focus on the present, not on unrelated past events.
  21. Try not to attack personally nor hold grudges.
  22. Have only one person talk at a time.
  23. Be specific, yet sensitive to spouse’s feelings.
  24. Avoid mind reading. Ask for clarification.
  25. Avoid sarcasm and name-calling.
  26. Husbands and wives who are committed to their marriage view it as a permanent bond, and that creates a sense of security between them.
  27. You should try to view problems as obstacles, not as deal breakers.
  28. Be quick to forgive and quick to apologize.
  29. Many people go into marriage knowing that they have a ‘fallback plan’—divorce. Avoid such wrong view. When people enter marriage already thinking about the possibility of divorce, their commitment is lacking right from the start.
  30. When spouses have a sense of commitment, they feel secure. Each trusts that the other will continue to honor the union.
  31. Think of one or two actions you could take to strengthen your commitment.
  32. Write an occasional note to your spouse.
  33. Keep photos of your spouse on display at work.
  34. Phone your spouse each day from work, just to stay in touch.
  35. Although there is no excuse for marital unfaithfulness, a lack of tenderness could contribute to a spouse’s seeking affection and intimacy from someone else. Don’t allow room for that.
  36. To unlock and experience the precious joys of a good marriage, one essential is wholesome communication.
  37. Verbal assurances of continuing love, along with frequent acts of tenderness, would communicate a personal interest that would help to promote a truly satisfying marriage.
  38. Some spend so much time in front of the TV watching other people’s lives that they have little time for their own. Hence, turning off the television set is often a necessary step toward wholesome communication.
  39. Working together on projects at home can provide a fine atmosphere for communication.
  40. Just by being considerate in how you talk, marital problems can often be prevented.
  41. When you are annoyed with your mate, imagine that instead of talking to your spouse, you are conversing with a good friend or with your employer.
  42. When a man and a woman marry, they commit themselves to each other. To break a commitment is cheating, betrayal. So before considering having a secret affair, one would do well to ask oneself: Will all involved become happier? What about the feelings of guilt and the constant fear of finally being found out?
  43. A loving family head pays attention to his wife’s opinion on matters, realizing that she may have greater ability than he in certain areas.
  44. If you exercise love toward your mate, you will not harbor in your heart a vengeful spirit, waiting for the time when the ‘books of account’ will be balanced, in the meantime damaging your relations as a married couple by an angry or unfriendly attitude.
  45. One person can ruin a marriage, but it takes two to make it work. Making marriage work is an achievement.
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Final Thoughts

Usually cracks and rifts in a marriage take time to develop, based on a series of small irritations and disagreements. So it takes time and effort to rebuild a good marriage relationships and strong family bonds. You can confidently expect results; but be patient.

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