If you really need something that costs more than what your parents can afford, you may be able to get a job to earn enough money to buy it yourself. Talk to your parents about the idea. They may be impressed by your initiative. Assuming that they agree and that it’s legal to work, here are four suggestions that will help you to find employment.

Spread the Message: Tell your neighbors, teachers, and relatives that you’re looking for work. Personnel Offices, Employment Agencies and friends or neighbors who already have a job are other sources you can tap. And do not forget your parents. Among 160,000 teenagers surveyed, 45%, said they would like parental advice on getting a Job. If you are shy about asking them directly, you might simply ask them what work they did when they were your age. The more people who know that you are looking for work, the more leads and referrals you’ll likely get.

Follow Up all Leads: Respond to newspaper or internet wants ads and information boards in stores, your school, and other public areas. Get the habit of reading newspaper to check on help – wanted ads. But, why the help – wanted ads? Mr Chris answers: “Definitely, you will always find a hint as to what the employer is looking for in the want ads.” These hints can tell you what qualifications are needed for a certain job and can help you explain to the employer why you can fill those needs. A youth named Dave said how he got his job, ” I meticulously read the newspaper, faxed them a CV, and called them up.” If this doesn’t work, perhaps you can persusde an employer that he or she needs a service that you can sincerely perform.

Write and Distribute a Curriculum Vitae: On a piece of a paper, write how you can be contacted and list your skills and work experience. Your CV Should be perfect, backed by enough data, double-checked by an expert, keyword – optimized and industry – specified. Give your CV to potential employers, and ask friends and relatives to distribute it to anyone they know who’s looking for workers.

Work For Yourself: You can get yourself busy until you get a job. Think about your neighborhood. For example, you can teach others, conducting a private tutorial lessons. Or possibly, it’s a matter of engaging in jobs that others often don’t want to do, such as washing windows or cleaning. Do not be embarrassed to work with your hands. Of course, being self – employed requires that you be self – motivated, disciplined, and willing to the initiative.

The following are Jobs you can create and keep yourself busy with:

Making deliveries
Teaching subjects at private homes
Washing windows, cars etc
Mending or ironing clothes
Raising chickens or selling eggs
Doing typing or word processing, home computer services
Running errands
Shining shoes
Growing produce and selling it
Sales boy/ sales girl
Baking and food preparation
Telephone answering service
How to make and repair lock keys( workshop at home )
School – bus driver
Photography ( portraits and public events )

There are a lot of benefits to engage yourself now that you are after school. Ellen Greenberger and Laurence Steinberg have done extensive and highly publicized research on the subject of working youths. They simply discovered that such youths “learn about money management, business operations and consumer arithmetic.” A job can also expose a youth not only to the experience of working side by side with adults but also to adult pressures and responsibilities. He may have to learn how to work under a boss who is “hard to please” or I’ll – tempered, or how to deal kindly with irate customers and workmates. “I was the youngest on the job,” recollect Peter, and everybody truly had it in for me. Though I learned how to really deal with people.”

Finding a job to do can also teach a youth work habits, and good skills, such as punctuality, that can prove useful later in life. ” I learned to be more responsible,” says a young man named Peter.

Note This: Don’t rush into an Enterprise before studying all the costs and factors involved. First discuss it over with your parents. You can also talk to others who performed similar work.



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