Home BUSINESS How To Keep Your Job Safe: 6 Unique Ways To Do So.

How To Keep Your Job Safe: 6 Unique Ways To Do So.

How To Keep Your Job Safe

Skillful workers are determined to know how to keep their job safe and they are often highly valued. You may ask, ‘what are some skills and qualities that employers appreciate in their workers?’

Many employers value in an employee is his ability to communicate well and work harmoniously with others. Let’s consider some practical advice that can help you to improve in these skills, thus increasing your prospects of keeping your job. Consider some examples.

Be Honest

One survey of more than 1,400 firms revealed that the majority of employers “ranked honesty and integrity as qualities that impress them most in job candidates.” Obviously, being honest involves not stealing money or materials from your employer. It also means not stealing time.

A study conducted by one employment agency found that time theft amounted to an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes per employee each week. Among other things, these time thieves were habitually late, left work early, and socialized with other employees while at work.

how to keep your job
Work Hard to keep your job

Furthermore, it is important to work hard, without pretense, even when those in authority are not directly observing us. Avoid eye-service, not to please men. If you have a reputation for working well—even when not supervised—you are an employee to be trusted.

Treat your customers well.

Cultivate the right attitude towards your customers. Why so? Keep in mind that the customer is king. Respect their right. Try to please them, even if they are wrong.

how to treat your job safe

However, it is not bad to respectfully express your views, but consider their interest before yours. If you don’t have customers, it will affect the productivity of the organization. The business will not thrive.

Communicate Effectively

Be swift about hearing, slow about speaking. is this good advice? Do not reply to a matter before you hear the facts or complete story. Indeed, listening closely to your employer and to your fellow workers can prevent misunderstandings and keep you from making foolish mistakes. Be humble.

What you say and how you say is also important. If you speak clearly and with sufficient volume, it is more likely that you will be understood, and this will heighten a listener’s respect for what you say.

Work Well With Others

In view of the amount of time you spend with workmates, you will no doubt get to know them quite well. As a result, you might be tempted to gossip about them, highlighting their mistakes and shortcomings.

how to keep your job safe
work with others well

The sound advice, however, is to make it your aim to live quietly and to mind your own business. By doing this, you will avoid gaining a reputation as a busybody in other people’s matters. Consequently, you will avoid wasting time and causing needless friction with your workmates.

When you are asked to perform a task, give it your best. Keep in mind that, if someone under authority impresses you into service for a mile, go with him two miles. This principle certainly applies in the workplace. If you gain a reputation as a hard worker—one who will go the extra mile—you will be more likely to keep your job..

Avoid tendency revealing your Salary.

Keep your salary to yourself. Your monthly salary is for your information alone and yours alone. If you discuss or reveal your salary with your colleagues, it will  always get back to your manager and may affect your work. The people you reveal it may go behind your back and let it out.

Understand the company’s target and goals

Researching  about the company’s goals and target will help you not work aimlessly. You will be able to pattern your efforts in achieving the company’s goals. Be assured that your employer will notice your work and keep you in the job more ever!

Be Realistic

We live in critical times hard to deal with. Today’s world is filled with uncertainties. Anything can happen. The resulting political and social instability, chaos, partiality and confusion would definitely result in economic uncertainty.  Hence, even if you apply the above suggestions, you may still lose your job.


Do all you can to keep your job safe. Applying the above tips will help. Comment below if you love the article.



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