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How to make real friends

Everyone needs a friend. Someone you can talk to, someone you can confide in or run to when there is a problem. Many friendships can leads to a date, even marriages!
But, why is it a challenge nowadays to enjoy meaningful and enduring friendships?

Technology: Decades ago, forming friendships with those afar from you is difficult. Thanks to technology. With the inclusion and advancement of technology, you can connect with many people conveniently than at any other time in human history.

The social networking, texting, and other social media made it look as if it is very possible to create and maintain a friendship without being in someone’s presence. The technology encourages fewer face-to-face interactions.

Technology in some cases, can make friendships seem really closer than they are. Many students now spend more time in front of a screen, chatting thus promoting less time with each other. But, is it not possible for social media to help you keep in touch with people and thus fortify your friendships? Surely!-but especially if you also have an offline relationship with those dear friends. The truth is, social media often merely builds bridges to others without drawing you any closer to them.

Understand what a real friendship is: Everyone wants someone as a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Of course is that not the kind of friend you want? What about you? Are u that kind of friend? To get an accurate answer to those questions, why not jot down four qualities that you will put to make a friendship a success. Ask yourself: ‘Among all my online contacts, who thus cultivate and demonstrate the qualities I need and value in a friend? Am I willing to improve and work on the qualities those friends say I bring to the friendship?

Focus on priorities: Most often times, online friendships depends on shared interest, such as hobby. But, having a similar interest is less important compare to common values. The point is not to have many friends online, but have the ones that will eventually make you a better person.

Step out and meet people: Nothing can be compared to face-to-face conversation, where you and another person can feel the voice tone of each other, notice the emotions, the smile, the facial looks and body language.

Letter Writing: You may feel this method is old -fashioned, but writing a letter gives the receiver the feeling, that you really care and that you need his/her undivided attention. Regularly reading and meditating on those sentiments on the letter can bring also strengthen friendships.

The main points: While online friendships is formed, real friendship simply involves more than just keeping in touch. It demands that you and your friends demonstrate forgiveness, love, empathy, and patience. Those beautiful qualities absolutely make a friendship a success. You can’t feel those qualities when you talk online with your friends.
Online friendships can bring disappointment. People are not what they really are. All of us need someone to talk to especially, when we’re feeling depressed. Real friends are the ones who really understand us and can fathom how to make us feel better and happier. They are happy, whenever we are happy. They cry with us and are ready to give us a helping hand when we fall- that is what online friendships cannot do to an extent, but real friendship does.

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