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Loneliness During Covid-19: 7 Best Ways To Overcome It.

Loneliness during covid-19 period can be very painful and challenging. It can lead to depression. Lets’s consider 7 best ways to help us work at overcoming it.

Loneliness During Covid-19: 7 Best Ways To Overcome It.

Loneliness can happen to anyone. But this negative emotion becomes a real problem only when it persists. If it does, it may be a warning signal that something has gone wrong with your outlook on life. The problem could stem from the way you act in the company of others. Some people may inadvertently create, as it were, a barbed-wire fence around themselves, discouraging people from offering their friendship. Sometimes all that is needed is a change in outlook.

1. Write it down

Why not write down the names of two or three people you would like to get to know better?

loneliness during covid-19
writing it down

Make it a goal in the following week or so to learn something new about one of them. Then write down one nice thing you could do for each of these people over the coming month, and then do it.

2. Focus on your assets.

Ask yourself, ‘What are my strengths?’ Think of some talents or positive qualities you possess, and list them below.
When you feel left out, remind yourself of your strengths—such as those you listed above.

loneliness during covid-19
focus on your strengths

True, you have weaknesses and you should work on these. Still, try not to become overwhelmed by your faults. Instead, view yourself as a work in progress. Everything may not be in place, but some things are. Focus on these!

3. Confide in an adult.

Sharing your concerns with your parents or another adult can help reduce your feelings of loneliness. That’s what one 16-year-old girl found out.

loneliness during covid-19
Mature woman with adult daughter having serious conversation on sofa at home

At first, she worried too much about being left out. “I would think about what happened that made me feel left out,” she says, “replaying it in my mind. But then I would talk to my mom about it, and she would give me advice on how to deal with the situation. Talking it out really helps.

4. Think of others

Focus on the interest of others and not yourself. True, when you feel left out, it’s easy to feel depressed or sad. However, instead of sinking further into despair, why not do something for someone in need? You may even be able to forge new friendships that way!
Think of someone, perhaps in your family or friends, who could use your company or assistance in some way. Write that person’s name below, and describe how you could help him or her.
When you think of people other than yourself and do things for them, you have less time to feel lonely. This can make you more positive in your outlook and demeanor, making you more attractive as a potential friend.

5. Be positive.

Everyone feels left out now and then—at least to a degree. What can help? Instead of dwelling on negative things, strive to adopt a positive view of life. Remember, while you may not be able to control every aspect of your situation in life, you can control how you react to things.

loneliness during covid-19
Focus on positive thoughts

When you feel left out, take positive steps either to change the situation or at least to change your view of it. Always remember that Jehovah knows how you are made, so he knows your needs and how these can best be filled.

6. Writing letters and making one calls

How does a letter differ from a telephone conversation? One woman expressed her appreciation of letters in this way: “I enjoy both phone calls and letters. When I’m very depressed and I need to talk, the phone is fine. But if it is late or I know I can’t reach anyone by phone, I still have the letters from my family to read. They help me cope. On the phone, when I finish speaking, the words are gone, but the thought stays. With a letter I have the words and thoughts forever. I can refer to them whenever I need them.”

loneliness during covi-19
Old man talking on telephone

Does writing a letter have to be a tense experience? No! You will write best if you relax and write as if you are speaking directly to your friend or family. The advice of the 18th-century English statesman and author Lord Chesterfield still rings true for today’s letter writers: “Letters should be easy and natural, and convey to the persons to whom we send them just what we would say to those persons if we were with them.”

7. Play and listen to beautiful music.

Nor to be overlooked is the fact that you may be able to get comfort and refreshment from cool and soft songs.

loneliness during covid-19

Not only does the beautiful music itself act as an antidote for depression but the words that are associated with these songs.


We have discussed 7 best ways to overcome loneliness during covid-19 pandemic. If you feel alone, unloved or unwanted during the covid-19 period, rather than pitying himself, waiting for others to do something, expecting to receive, and take the initiative in actively expressing love for others.

That is something all lonely persons should work at, learning to communicate with others. Be outgoing, ready to start conversations. Why not go out of your way to show unselfish interest in others? Seek out those who also seem to be lonely. Please comment below if you love this article.


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