Man Killed His Two Daughters After Killing Their Mother, Says He Didn’t Want Them to Live Without Their Mum

by Sola Legend
Man Killed His Two Children After Killing Wife

A father of two, Arzel Ivery has been arrested after he reportedly strangled his girlfriend and his two daughters.

According to a prosecutor, he killed his two daughters after strangling their mum because he did not want them to “live in a world where they did not have their mother”.

Man Killed His Two Children After Killing Wife

The body of his girlfriend identified as, Amarah Banks was found in a garage in Milwaukee, Tennessee, the US, along with her daughters Camaria Banks, 4, and Zaniya Banks, 5, just one day after authorities issued an “Amber Alert” for the two girls.

Their remains were found on February 16th, 2020, a day after Arzel was taken into custody in Nashville, Tennessee.

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He pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree intentional homicide, reportedly told detectives where to find the bodies of his girlfriend and two young girls.

The mother of the two girls was last seen being dropped off at her apartment around 1am on February 8 after attending the funeral of her one-year-old son.

Her family became concerned and contacted police after she didn’t show up to work the following week, and on 15 February, authorities issued an Amber Alert for daughters, Camaria and Zaniya.

Prosecutors claim Ivery admitted to killing the three, and that he said he had attended his baby son’s funeral on February 7 and went to work afterwards.

He returned home in the early hours of February 8 and said that Banks was upset with him because he had gone to work.

The mum had “yelled at him that he did not care about the death of their son”, according to the prosecutor’s complaint.

Ivery then said that the two argued before he grabbed Banks and pushed her head into the wall before he “strangled Banks with both hands”.

The complaint claims that Ivery said “he did not want the children to live in a world where they did not have their mother” and also strangled them.

Arzel then tried to burn the bodies and left them in the garage.

Police say they went after Ivery after his father had called and reported Ivery telling him that he “had killed the mother of his children and his children in Milwaukee and burned the bodies”.

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