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Mango-the tender and sweet fruit

Have you ever thought about the soft, tender and sweet fruit? This fruit has been described as a combination of strawberry, pineapple and peach. That fruit is, the mango.

Since the mango is soft, tender and sweet, many people have said better things about the fruit. For example, “What a mango!” means “What a beauty!” That tells you how much people love mangoes.

There are many varieties of mangoes. In India alone, there are some 500 different types of mango. They vary in size and color. The flesh of the mango also vary.

This fruit grows on beautiful trees, thick and green. The height is of 40 to 50 feet (15.24 meters). Some have grown to reach 90 feet (ca. 27 meters). It takes about five years for a newly planted tree to grow to produce mangoes. The first produce may yield only about 150 mangoes.

Some prefer to roast the mango seeds and eat them. Some prefer using knife to cut and eat it gradually.

In Nigeria, we have different types of mango. For some type of mango, it is preferred using knife to cut it while eating it, others prefer eating it directly without cutting it.

The mango trees is found almost everywhere, on the street, our homes and markets. 75% of Nigerians love eating mangoes.

Benefits Of Eating Mango.

1. It reduces cholesterol: High level of cholesterol causes fat in the body. Excess of fat in the body contribute to increased body weight thus leading to diabetes.

Eating a lot of mangoes can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. It can maintain the body weight. As a result, reducing the risk of being a diabetic.

2. It boosts the immune system: The immune system plays a vital role in the body. It protects the body from infectious disease.

If your immune system is weak, it will be prone to infection. You will find yourself going to hospital every week. But if it is strong, hardly you will fall sick.

With mangoes, you can build up your immune system. So, do not stop eating mangoes.

3. It improves eyesight: A good amount of vitamin A is present in mango. Vitamin A help to maintain the eyes to be healthy. Mango prevents night blindness.

4. Prevent heat stroke: Another name for heat stroke is called “sun stroke”. It is a type of severe heat illness, which is caused by prolonged exposure to sun or heat.

Strenuous work under high tension temperature can also cause overheating. No wonder many people sweat too much.

This type of illness can make one look uncomfortable. It causes bad odor, preventing people from associating with you.

Eating a lot of mangoes can prevent this ugly situation.

5. Helps maintain good digestion: Indigestion can cause stomach upset and pain. You won’t be comfortable.

It can cause problems for some parts of the digestive system, thus scaring the passage from your stomach or the esophagus.

For the food nutrients to be absorbed in the body the food should be digested, else the food eaten is a waste.

With mango fruits, food eaten can be digested. You can either take mango fruits before and after meal. Mango fruits helps fight other stomach related diseases.

6. Improves Memory: It has been proven that mango helps one to concentrate fully and builds the memory.

If you find it difficult to concentrate and understand things better, it means you have a poor memory. There is a solution. Eat a lot of mangoes and you will have an improved memory.


Of course, there a lot of benefits of eating mangoes. The reasons mentioned above should motivate you to continue eating mangoes.

If you are a lover of mango, please don’t stop. No regrets doing so. Keep it up. You will look healthier. Here, I am encouraging you to do so.

If you don’t love eating mangoes, please why not take a move. You won’t regret it. Thanks to our creator, Jehovah God, who created this beautiful, soft, tender and sweet mango!



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