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Safeguard Yourself From Disease: 4 Best Ways



A lot of aged cities were safeguarded by hefty walls. If an enemy break just a small section of a wall, the safety of the entire city would be in danger. And the result will be disastrous. Our body is like a city with barricade or fence all around. Being healthy is contingent on how we actually take care of our body. How do we care for our defenses has much to do with how healthy we are.

Let’s discuss 5, components that can expose you to disease and how you can put up the best possible defenses.

PEOPLE: The risk-

some microscopic germs can injuriously affect your body by riding on little bitty droplets in someone’s cough or sneeze. Circulation of these germs extend to others through skin contact, such as hugging or shaking hands. Microorganisms from other people may lurk on such items as, handrails, doorknobs, telephones, remote controls, keyboards or computer screens.


Never please share personal items, such as towels, toothbrushes or razors. Completely, avoid contact with body fluids from other people or from animals, including blood and products derived from blood.
The coronavirus pandemic is real. Please, do not undervalue the important benefits of washing your hands thoroughly and frequently with running water and soap, including with alcohol sanitizer.

Avoid shaking hands. Do not go to crowd places. You can’t really identify who really has the virus. Consider everyone around you as a potential carrier of the virus. Wearing mask and hand gloves, is the most efficient and superb way you can stop the spread of infection.

If possible, stay home when you are sick. The U. S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly suggest that you cough or sneeze not into your hands, but rather, into a tissue or your sleeve, or towards the bend of your elbow.

ANIMALS: The Risk-

Germs that live harmlessly, inside an animal can endanger your health. If you are scratched or bitten by a pet or another animal or exposed to its feces, you could be at risk.


Some people choose to keep their animals outside the house to reduce contact with them to a minimum. Kindly wash your hands after touching an animal, and if possible avoid all contact with wild animals. If you are bitten or scratched, wash the wound thoroughly and seek a doctor’s advice.

INSECTS: The Risk —

Some insects can contaminate or infect you with the harmful microorganisms that live inside them.


Try as much as possible to limit contact with disease -carrying insects by staying indoors when they are active or by wearing protective clothing, such as long trousers and long sleeves. Get treated insect nets, and sleep under them. Try Using the personal insect repellent. Rule out containers of stagnant water where mosquitoes could propagate or breed.

WATER : The Risk-

 Harmful organisms can proceed straight into your body by way of contaminated and stagnant water.


The best defense is to protect your water supply from impurity. Always cover your water. However, if it comes to your knowledge that your water supply is contaminated, quickly, you can treat the water at home to make it safe for everyone around you.

Your water storage should be in a closed vessel, and dispense it hygienically with a clean ladle or through a tap. It will be hazardous to put your hands into a clean water supply. If you can, for your health safety, you should try to live in a community that properly disposes of human feces, so that it does not contaminate local water sources and affects one’s health.

Final Thoughts

“It is the wise one that sees danger and conceals himself.” How true are those sentiments, as we find ourselves in a world plagued with potentially dangerous diseases! Please if you found out that you are ill, don’t isolate yourself. Visit the hospital, consulting local health services, and conceal yourself from danger by practicing good hygiene. Brace your defenses, and to a minimum, reduce the risk of disease!



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