Guys, Will You Allow Your Girl Take the Trending #VuthelaChallenge | Best Comment Wins 5k

by Sola Legend
Vuthela Challenge

The #Vuthela challenge is what is trending! Now the question is: As a guy, can you allow your girl to take on this challenge?

South African women have now taken to Twitter to show off their assets and flexibility as they took part in a viral challenge.

Taking us back to the cooking-with-firewood era, the #Vuthela Challenge sees women with big backsides showing off what they’ve got blowing fire.

The women kneel beside a pot and pretend to be blowing on the fire, though their backside is the main focus.

A number of women have shared photos of themselves taking part in the challenge and the men have decided on their winner.

See images below:

vuthela challenge

Wait…What’s this🤣🤣

As a guy, can you allow your girl take on this viral challenge?

If yes, do you have conditions?

Kindly share comment below. Best comment wins 5k.

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