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Why Be Anxious?

Why be anxious?
THE TRUTH. Anxiety can be define as feelings of fear, or nervousness about what might happen or being overly worried.

The world we live in is critical. Our desires cannot be met. Oftentimes, what we want or need is not forth coming.

We yearn for a good job, for a good family, for the family success, for successful relationships, wanting a good grades in school, and successful pregnancy deliveries and so on.

When your desires can’t be fufilled, it no doubt creates anxiety.

ADVICE. We are not alone. Many people are victims of anxiety. They successfully allay such anxiety by turning to God in prayer!  Many who served God in the past were anxious. What did they do?

They immediately voiced their worries to God! Prayer can help alot. Do not hide anything from him. Tell your God how you feel. Cry to him.

Moreover, talk to someone, a trusted and close friend. Be open-minded. It’s not bad to cry out. Never isolate yourself. It does not help to be alone. Communicate with such a true and trusted friend!

You can further reduce the anxiety in a more practical way. For example, you can work hard, exerting yourself to comfort, to speak consolingly and encourage those who are also a victim of anxiety.

Keep praying, and do not isolate yourself. Never stop comforting friends, relatives, workmates who are victims of anxiety, if opportunity calls for it.

Excessive anxiety-How can you deal with it?
THE TRUTH. People can be overly worried about what can happen in the future, about money, and past mistakes.

Worrying about the future: Focus on each day at a time. You can’t change tomorrow and the future. Worrying about on what will happen tomorrow will only adversely affect  your health.

Further, it affects the mood. Be positive. Live a day at time. Of course, we can plan for tomorrow, but not be anxious. Each day has its own anxieties.

Do not add to your problems by bringing tomorrow’s forward, which can obscure or even confuse your judgement and lead to bad decisions.
Worrying over money issues: Simply put, be contented. We are not saying you should not take care of yourself.

Money is good. But let your life be free from of the love of money. Do not be a lover of money. Else, it will cause pain and health challenges. Live a simple life. Trust in God. He won’t abandon you.

Do your part, be contented and he will provide for your basic needs.

Worrying over past mistakes: Before many began serving God, they made many mistakes, and their personalities changed, thus becoming a better person.

God is ready to forgive us as long as there is a complete turn around. Dwelling on the past is not a healthy one.

Be positive minded. Who does not make mistakes in this life? No one is free! Forgive yourself. Be relaxed. Worrying so much about your mistakes will sincerely affect your mood and your outlook including your future.

Let it go. Be determined never to repeat it. If your husband has forgiven you for the error you committed, why brood over it? How long will you continue to condemn your heart?

Just work on your personality, your behavior. Learn to show deep respect for your husband. And that will be all.


True, we are entering a new age of anxiety! The world is full of problems and it’s a real cause for concern.

The Covid 19 pandemic is global, thus affecting the economy, families, education and jobs. Do not be overly worried or anxious. Live a day at a time. Keep praying. Do not isolate yourself. Be positive. Comfort people.



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