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Doctors Recommend Wine

 Wine in moderate amounts was recommended by a group of thirty doctors. Dr. Robert C. Stepo of the Chicago Medical School said: “I would highly recommend wine in hospital diets. . . . For normal utilization a food product is highly recommended over a drug product.” He recommends wine over sedatives for calming patients.

red wine good for the health
red wine

A half dozen Chicago hospitals are serving wine with meals. Among its various benefits, the team of doctors observed that wine aids the heart patient by relaxing the small blood vessels and reducing cholesterol in the blood.

Furthermore, it aids patients in recovering from surgery of the intestinal tract and adds iron to the diet and stimulates the appetite. Its alcohol content is relatively low, but it has about two hundred other ingredients, the doctors said.

Watch Out for Trucks

Truck driver
A Truck

While truck drivers are usually better drivers than the average automobile driver, there are reasons to be careful of them. Research indicates that there is evidence that significantly large numbers of long-distance truck drivers take amphetamines and drink while driving.


Many pilot seriously defective machines. Many force themselves to stay at the wheel after fatigue has made them dangerous.

In the United States during 1969 there were, according to the National Safety Council, 725,000 accidents involving large trucks, with a death toll of 4,700 persons. It is well to realize that a 70,000-pound truck coming toward you deserves cautious respect.

Super-Fast Train

Super fast train in German
Super fast train in German

West German Scientists have produced the prototype of a train that is expected to speed between German cities at 350 miles an hour. It is an electromagnetic train that hovers over two steel rails and is propelled by a linear electric motor. It is said to be clean, silent and fast.

Fundamentally Dishonest

giving bribe money in business people to accept agreement contract of investment deal, Bribery and corruption concept
Dishonest cheating in business illegal money, Business man giving bribe money in business people to accept agreement contract of investment deal.

Customs officials find that many “reputable” people are fundamentally dishonest. They will try all manner of schemes to avoid paying duty on purchases made abroad.

Reporting on this, the New York Sunday News said: “Multimillionaires, royalty, government officials, judges, diplomats and even men of the cloth have been nabbed as amateur smugglers.”

Long Pregnancy

high-risk pregnancy
High-risk pregnancy

A twenty-eight-year-old British woman reportedly gave birth to a baby girl after a thirteen-month pregnancy. Both were said to be in good condition. Her doctor stated “I thought a 13-month baby was impossible, but the facts have been checked by others.

Dangerous Blood

world news

Reporting on the hazards of transfused blood, the Philadelphia Inquirer observed: “A catalog of the dangers lurking in hospital blood these days would provoke all but the comatose to pick up their beds and walk. The commonest ailment lurking in donated blood, of course, is hepatitis.

One study reports a serum hepatitis rate of 8.7 percent, or 75,000 cases a year. Of these, 10,000 are fatal.” The paper went on to point out that hepatitis occurs in more than 65 percent of transfused patients in Tokyo.

Another transfusion risk is malaria, including now a highly virulent form of it. There is also a parasite brought back by Vietnam veterans that is accompanying the blood they sell.

Reasons to Be Trim

A Trim Person
Trim Person

A sixteen-year study of heart disease indicates that a man who is 25 percent overweight has a 50-percent greater chance of having heart trouble than a man who is not overweight. The danger of having a stroke, heart failure or coronary disease is greater in overweight men and women than in people who are trim.

A Losing Battle


Is America leading the fight against poverty and hunger in the world? The head of an expert panel reporting to the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs answers that “the sad and tragic truth is that, over the past several years, we have moved backwards in our struggle.”

High prices are increasing the demand for traditionally cheaper foods. Dried beans, for example, has far more than doubled in price. How do some people cope with the problem?

“As much as one-third of the pet foods sold in ghetto areas [are] being used for human consumption,” says the experts’ report.

TV-watching Habits

world news
tv-watching causes hyperactivity problems

What kind of television-viewing habits do American youngsters have? Changing Times reports: “The average teenager leaves high school with a record of 11,000 hours spent in the classroom and 15,000 hours watching TV.” It is little wonder that so many youths graduating from high school are found to be poor readers.

Airline Safety


world news

Australia has the safest airline system in the world, both on international and on domestic flights, according to a recent ten-year study of airline accident records published in Flight International.

The fatal-accident rate, based on statistics of 25 leading aircraft nations between 1973 and 1984, was 1.8 for every million landings, whereas the figure for Australia was only 0.06.

“Scandinavia, Japan, the US, France, Britain and West Germany followed Australia on the air safety table,” reports The Sydney Morning Herald. “The least safe were Colombia, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and the Soviet Union.”

A leading airline safety specialist Mike Ramsden cited “discipline with individualism and respect for authority without fear” as the main reasons for Australia’s being “indisputably the world’s safest major airline country for more than 20 years.”

Plastic Money

world news

Plastic banknotes are already in use in Haiti and on the Isle of Man. The more durable banknotes were introduced in Haiti because of the local custom of carrying money inside shoes. Now the United States is considering using plastic currency in their drive to thwart forgers.

The reason, reports New Scientist, is that holograms (three-dimensional pictures) will be appearing on the banknotes, and use of plastic material will extend the life of the bills threefold.

The easily noticeable holograms cannot be reproduced by ordinary printing equipment. American currency, says one expert, is “probably the easiest in the world to forge.


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