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Your Attitude Can Make A Difference!

Our background, environment and circumstances influences our attitudes to a larger extent. Some would say “if only I had a better health.” Others would say, “ I can’t help the way I am.”
There are some circumstances you can’t control. But the truth is, you can control your attitude.

What Can You Do?

No matter the cause of our agitated spirit, there are many things that can help us remain calm under trials or stress. Your attitude can make a big difference. It can calm situations. It brings out the best in you or the worst. Your attitude can affect how you will attain your goals or give up during the process.

It’s not wrong to hide your hardships behind a mask of optimism. Positivism will help change your situation. It can bring relief. Don’t feel that you will be deceiving yourself if you keep telling yourself to be ‘positive’. Do not feel or conclude you are a dreamer, that your situation can’t change. Positivism helps to achieve a better outlook.

Imagining putting so much time and effort on a project at work. You never succeed in the job. What will help you? Just keep trying. A home is not built on a day. Of course, you will be disappointed on the way and that is normal. But don’t get drunk with disappointment that it affects your outlook on the job. Many employers value hardworking employees. Some would mention the positive aspects of your job and still keep you in their payroll. So, never let up, don’t give up. Perhaps in a few months to come, you will be experts on the job.

Moreover, many suffer from bouts of loneliness, thus allowing negativity to affect their attitude. We all have different ways of coping with loneliness.

Instead of focusing on yourself, do things for others, spend time together with friends. Do not isolate yourself. Do not reason that ‘why should I spend time on people who won’t benefit me in return’. Whether people seem to be appreciative or not, do not allow their attitude to hinder you showing kindness to them, or stop doing things for them. Treat others as they would like to treat you.

Why avoid negativity?

If you are negative or pessimistic, it will drain your strength you really need to work on your situation. You won’t be able to handle the problem.

Imagine your parents are poor and your dad is an alcoholic. What will you do? Be pessimistic or negative about the situation? Far from it! It’s normal to be worried. Such worrying and pessimistic attitude can’t change the situation. Do your part to improve the situation. Pray about the matter. Talk to dear close friends. Engage yourself. If you become so discouraged about your situation, you won’t be able to deal with it.

Be positive!

If you see everything to be negative, you will be discouraged and your daily affairs will seem ‘bad’ or depressing. But if you are positive on everything, you will be happy and joyful. You will be less worried. Your attitude can make a difference! Anyway, it is your choice to make.

Imagine you are sick, having limited limitations. The illness adversely affect your movement and speech. How will you cope with it? Please occupy your mind with positive thoughts. Read on encouraging subjects even from the holy book. When discouraging thoughts pops up in your mind, you can reflect on the many good reasons to be happy.

The words or comments and actions of others while conversing with them can cause us to be worried. We might feel so bad and blaming ourselves for even having the discussion at the very first place.

Examine yourself. It will help if you analyze your feelings. Try to understand why and what really is the problem, asking yourselves why am I disturbed. As we examine ourselves, we can learn to recognize our own weak spot.

Take an objective look on the other person. When someone offends us, we tend to notice only his weaknesses. Focus on his good qualities. Don’t judge someone base on one or two of his irritating traits. Don’t be quick to judge others. If you feel someone has offended you, why not humbly meet up with him to settle the matter. Even if the other party declines, you have done your part. Don’t let his attitude becomes a concern for you. Let it go!

Yes, you can deal with your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. No matter the problems you are confronted with, note that the situation is not hopeless. Your positive attitude can make a difference!


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